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    Name: Oppland Corporation
    Address: 2102-03, Suncome Liauw's Plaza, 738 Shangcheng Road, Shanghai,200120 CHINA
    Tel: +86-21-5058 9600
    Fax: +86-21-5058 5987
    Official Website:  Click to Visit

    Oppland Corporation We are born to serve your NEW decision making in China.

    business events
    We endeavor to produce and operate top level business events aiming to be the pemier platform for business networking and generation
    Industry reports
    Based on the in-depth investigation by our R&P executive team(sometime with external partner), we compile and release annual report of China's core industries such as energy, infrastructure, life science, finance and real estate etc.
    Media publications
    Our on-line and on-paper publications are not only the source of industry updates, but also the interacting medium among our clients and guests.
    VIP Club
    Our h igh-caliber customer services designed to offer our club members with first hand infos, PR consultancy, and meeting arrangement with officials in China
    1-on-1 Service
    We are also specialized in offering brand-building consulting services to start-ups for their entry strategies in China.

    We are positioning ourselves as your trusted source of business intelligence in China. 

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