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    Name: China Section of The International Team for Implantology (ITI)
    Address: ITI Center, Peter Merian-Weg 10, Postfach, 4002 Basel, Switzerland
    Tel: +41 61 270 83 83
    Fax: +41 61 270 83 84
    Official Website:  Click to Visit

    The International Team for Implantology (ITI) was founded in  1980 by 12 experts planning ahead for the future of their field.  Their objective was an alliance of specialists to pursue research  and development in an important and as yet untapped medical area  on a voluntary and idealistic basis. Today, the ITI has more than  8,000 Fellows and Members. Through its growing number of  national Sections, the ITI ensures the exchange of expertise and  know-how via a modern, quality-conscious end efficient network.
    Over 30 years the ITI has built a reputation for scientific rigor  coupled with a strong patient focus. The organization supports the  premise of well documented treatment guidelines backed by  extensive clinical testing and long-term results. The ITI’s almost  700 Fellows, who form the core of the organization, contribute  their time, energy and skills and are driven by a strong sense of  responsibility and idealism.
    The principal architects of the ITI were Professor André Schroeder  from Bern, and Dr. h.c. Fritz Straumann from Waldenburg.  According to Professor Schroeder, “Medical research needs  independence, open space and opportunities for discussion.” These  three components are cornerstones of the ITI and have contributed  significantly to the rapid development and success of implant  dentistry.
    Membership is growing, the tally of publications and educational  events is rising and the organization has been restructured for the  future. However, the ITI’s two fundamental principles remain  unchanged: scientific independence and non-profit-oriented  thinking. At the heart of the ITI lie science, idealism and concern  for patients. This is guaranteed by the ITI’s Fellows and Members  who volunteer their time and expertise on behalf of the ITI and its  mission.

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