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    Name: TTJ Exhibition Companies
    Address: Rm.15A06, Fortune West Building, No.58 Cai Hu Ying, Feng Tai District, Beijing, China
    Tel: +86 10 6335 6410
    Fax: +86 10 6335 6430
    Official Website:  Click to Visit

    Established in 2003, TTJ is a dynamic young company specializing in organizing various exhibitions, expositions and fairs. Thanks to enormous support and trust from our customers, we are able to grow our business rapidly in such a short period of time, and today TTJ enjoys excellent reputation among our many clients and customers around the world. 

    Our management team and our partners have many years of expertise in organizing large scaled international exhibitions, conferences and related events thanks to their previous work experience in multinationals, enabling us to provide professional services to our customers at home and from abroad alike in an effective manner.

    TTJ has maintained a genial long-term working relationship with governments at all levels in China and we are able to provide overseas exhibitors with necessary information on potential target customers and market information, and help identify appropriate partners in China. TTJ is a reliable link between foreign and domestic producers and their customers in China.

    Our main business activities include organizing exhibitions and trade shows in information security, wireless communications and electronic products, higher education and vocational training, intelligent communications, defense electronics, environmental protection, energy technology, energy saving materials and products, finance and tourism, medicine and health, and aerospace devices. TTJ is a true expertise in organizing these events.

    Our major customer base consists of companies in Asia, Europe and North America. TTJ not only holds a variety of exhibitions in Beijing, but also organizes exposition tours in other large Chinese cities such Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Wuhan. TTJ plans to lead Chinese companies to international fairs held in Vietnam, Canada, Russia, the USA, and Britain.

    Our mission is to work well and grow with our partners, and provide our customers with the most professional services.

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