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    Name: China Association For Pharmaceutical Equipment (CAPE)
    Address:  No.4.CaoQiao XinYuan YiQu,FengTai District,Beijing,P.R.China Zip: 100067
    Tel: +86-10-8758 4931/32/33/34
    Fax: +86-10-8758 3590
    Official Website:  Click to Visit


    China Association For Pharmaceutical Equipment (CAPE in short) was founded in 1991, who represents the benefits of all its members and maintain their legal rights and interest. Its aim is to serve both the China government and pharmaceutical equipment manufacturing enterprises. CAPE currently has about 255 members, 47 commissioners, 8 deputy head and 11 executive commissioners. It is structured by a secretariat office, a member management department, a technical and economic department, a international department, a web section and an exhibition management department.
    The main activities of CAPE are as the flowing:
    1 Organize and draft Five-Year Plan for pharmaceutical machinery industry;  
    2.Organize to formulate and revise the state -level and industry-level standards for pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers;
    3 Compose books and materials to instruct and guide the development and advancement for pharmaceutical machinery industry;
    4 Conduct the Statistics work for pharmaceutical machinery industry;
    5 Preside over the self-discipline issues;
    6 Evaluate, in early days, the major fundamental constructions, technology reconstructions and new product development in pharmaceutical machinery industry;
    7 Appraise and promote scientific and technological achievements for pharmaceutical machinery, organize technological cooperation and exchanges between domestic and international pharmaceutical machinery companies;
    8 Participate in the quality examination and certification issuing works for pharmaceutical products;
    9 Host China National Pharmaceutical machinery Exhibition;
    10 Render the desires and requirements of pharmaceutical machinery enterprises to relevant China government authorities;
    China pharmaceutical industry manufacturer 8 categories of products, such as
    Machines and equipment for medicine materials, preparation machines, pharmaceutical packaging machines, water treating machines for pharmaceutical use, pharmaceutical milling machines, pharmaceutical pulverizing machines, medicine detecting instruments as well as other pharmaceutical machineries.
    These products meet and satisfy the needs and demands from medicine producers, animal medicine producers, health-care product producers as well as food and cosmetics producers in China. In addition, these products have been also exported to more than eighty countries and areas like United States of America, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, France, England, Italy, Russia, Japan, Korea, Viet Nam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Hang Kong and Marco.
    Our target in "The Eleventh-five Year" is to drive industry innovation through technical innovation; to bring along the industry updating through self-innovation. Attach more importance to people; coordinate from all aspects to keep continual development of pharmaceutical industry as well as to contribute more to the medicine industry home and abroad.

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