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    Name: Shanghai Xunzhan Convention & Exhibition Ltd.
    Address: No.1 Da Pu Road, Shanghai, China 200023
    Tel: +86-21-6304 5419
    Fax: +86-21-6418 1136
    Official Website:  Click to Visit

    Shanghai Xunzhan Convention & Exhibition Ltd. is a wholly owned company of Paper Communication Exhibition Services.

    Established in 1985, Paper Communication Exhibition Services has been engaging in organizing trade exhibitions, publishing industrial magazines, providing printing and design as well as advertising services. Paper Communication Exhibition Services organizes over 20 exhibitions in the Mainland China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Vietnam every year with themes spanning from machinery, tools, metal processing, plastics & packaging, die-casting, textile & clothing, footwear machinery, contemporary art, antique, pet accessories, automobile parts and more.

    These exhibitions include China (Dongguan) International Textile & Clothing Industry Fair; China Dongguan International Mould Metalworking Exhibition (DMP); China Dongguan International Plastics, Packaging, Rubber, Diecasting Foundry Exhibition (DMP); China (Dongguan) International Textile & Clothing Industry Fair (DTC); Asia International Arts & Antiques Fair (AIAA) and Hong Kong International Pet Accessory Expo (Pet Expo).

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