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    Name: Zhejiang Donnor Exhibition Co., Ltd.
    Address: B-1403, New Century Business Building, Shangjiang Road, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
    Tel: +86-577-8890 2222; +86-577-8895 8623
    Fax: +86-577-8890 1788

    Zhejiang Donnor Exhibition Co., Ltd. is the subsidiary company of Donnor Exhibition Group.

    Established in 1996,  Donnor Exhibiton Group is a national exhibition and conference institution, specializing in planning, organizing, contracting, on-site serving domestic and international exhibitions and conferences.

    The business of  Exhibiton Group covers leather, footwear, machine tools and plastic machinery, glasses, surface treatment and environmental technology, power, and high and low voltage electrical appliances, automobiles, decorative building materials, as well as packaging and printing machinery, clothing, furniture, hardware and other fields.

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