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Huangpu International Convention and Exhibition Center

  • Official Website: Click to Visit
  • VENUE ADDRESS: Huangpu International Convention and Exhibition Center, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, P. R. China Post Code: 528429

  • PHONE: +86-760-2330 0111/ 2330 0222/2397 0333
  • FAX:+86-760-8693 8504/2397 8838

    China International Foodstuffs Trade Fair, founded in 2005, covering 13,000 square meters, is an international food fair approved by Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China. After five successful sessions, it has earned many honors, such as “China EXPO STAR” in 2008 and “Chinese Top 10 Influential Food Fairs” in 2007, CFTF was awarded the “Golden Tripod Award of China Industry Exhibition Brand" in 2009.

    2011 China International Foodstuffs Trade Fair

    2011 China International Foodstuffs Trade Fair (short for CFTF) features the theme of Food Gala Boosts Development, and incorporates exhibition areas for European Food, Japanese and Korean Food, ASEAN Food, as well as Chinese famous food products. In this session, there will be more than 400 standard booths and more than 260 exhibitors, covering 13,000 square meters, of which more than 40% are foreign booths. About 3,000 domestic and foreign buyers will attend the fair, and more than 100 media will cover the event. It is food trade event that includes liquor, meat products, and green food as the main exhibits.

    1、Purpose excellent resources——speed up the pace of market,find a new powerful business partner.
    2、Toward professional, branding, marketing, information-network technological——seek new breakthroughs.
    3、Invitation for business investment—— formulate preferential policies with all kinds of resources to attract the food industry and investors.
    4、International appreciation——Increase investment in the Asia-Pacific and Europe, to achieve diversification of foreign exhibitors and buyers.
    5、Professional appreciation——improve and perfect the exhibition system.
    6、Marketing appreciation——work out devolopment plans and put into effect to nuture the market.
    7、Informational appreciation——improve the web site, establishing the mechanism of the feedback, collection, collation and analysis from exhibitors and traders
    8、Strengthen effect——increase the bargain.
    9、Increase economic benefit—— save costs and gain maximum benefits.
    10、Effective evaluation——decisions base on reasonable cumulative assessment.

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