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Beijing International Convention Center (BICC)

  • Official Website: Click to Visit
  • VENUE ADDRESS: No.8 Beichen Dong Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing P. R. China 100101

  • PHONE: +86-10-8497 2311


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    Beijing International Convention Center (BICC) Beijing Continental Grand Hotel are a well known enterprise in Beijing. Opened in 1990, the convention center has served almost 1,000 different international and domestic conventions, exhibitions and meetings each year since its conception.

    In 2002 the hotel and convention center merged together, creating a stronger reputation with more effective management. Beijing International Convention Center and Beijing Continental Grand Hotel belong to North Star Industrial Group. Beijing International Convention Center and Beijing Continental Grand Hotel are located in Asian Games Village, a flourishing area of Beijing which has a collection of conference center, businesses, shopping centers and entertainment venues. Located on the North Fourth Ring road,20 kilometers from the International Capital airport and 9 kilometers from the city center. Very close to the Olympic Games central area, such as the Bird’s Nest.

    Beijing International Conference Center is a 5 star tourist service unit with 48 different conference rooms. The exhibition hall is 5,000 square meters large. North Star Continental Grand Hotel is a 4 star hotel with 538 guest rooms and 5 different styles of restaurants. It’s the ideal place to conduct international and domestic conferences, display cultural exchange and hold business meetings.



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