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Jinjiang SM International Exhibition Center

  • VENUE ADDRESS: No.31,New Street South, Luoshan Street, Jinjiang, Quanzhou, Fujian, China

  • PHONE: +86-595-566 4572 / 567 1572;+86-595-8817 3106
  • FAX:+86-595-567 4572

    Jinjiang  SM International Exhibition Center is the largest region in Quanzhou, first-class service large-scale modernization of the exhibition hall. Jinjiang is located on the southeast coast of Fujian, and Taiwan across the sea, is the emerging Chinese port city of Industry and Trade. Quanzhou, China (Jinjiang) International Industrial Equipment Exhibition and the Second China Quanzhou (Jinjiang) International Industrial Automation and Instrumentation Exhibition will be the last successful run on the basis of the exhibition to serve the exhibitors, as the core market, the exhibition Fujian Province into a most influential one of the regular brand.


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