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The China Millennium Monument

  • VENUE ADDRESS: No.9, Fuxingmen Road, Yuyuantan Road (S.), Haidian District, Beijing

  • PHONE: +86-10-5980 2222

    Located in Beijing, between the Military Museum and the Central Television Complex, the China Millennium Monument as China' s symbolic and commemorative building to welcome the Year 2000, is a gift for the world of the 21st century from the Chinese people, forever standing in China' s capital Beijing.

    Fusing the spirit of traditional culture and the art of modern design, the China Millennium Monument covers an area of 4.5 hectares. On the southern entrance to the Monument, there is the Plaza of Holy Fire. Its area is 960 square meters, representing China's vast territory of 9,600,000 square kilometers.

    The China Millennium Monument is a grand structure ingeniously combining the spirit of traditional Chinese culture with modern architectural art, and integrating architecture, landscaping, sculpture, mural painting, and various other art forms. It will not only be an eternal memory of the turn of the millennium, but also serve as a centre for cultural, artistic, and scientific exhibitions both at home and abroad, as well as an inspiration in patriotism.

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