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BFA International Convention Center

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  • VENUE ADDRESS: No.1, Yuanyang Rd, Dongyu Island, Boao, Hainan


    The annual Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) has left a dense “aura” for the International Convention Center and even the entire Boao watertown——the atmosphere of the summit meeting of Asia. The world-class environment and facilities for business and conferences contain a lasting force that creates wisdom and fortune.
    The International Convention Center, the permanent venue of Boao Forum for Asia, is the outcome of the conceptual design of Australian DBI Design Company, the architectural design of Beijing Institute of Architectural Design and the decorative design of Singaporean Wilson Design Company, with COSCO Group investing in its construction and Jiang Zemin writing its name. This is a multifunctional architectural complex composed of three parts: round convention center, central hotel and waterscapes. Commissioned on September 22, 2003, it is now managed by the Scenic zone of the Permanent Venue of Boao Forum for Asia.
    The three-floor convention center has a building area of 37,000m2. To the north, it is BFA Hotel, an affiliated hotel of 53,000m2 in an arc layout. The two structures form a concentric circle, implying the intention of unity and friendship and the spirit of opening and progress of Boao Forum for Asia and exhibiting a new Asia that is both ancient and young, confident and full of vigor.

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