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Shanghai Exhibition Center (SEC)

  • Official Website: Click to Visit
  • VENUE ADDRESS: No.1000, Yanan Road Mid, Jingan District Yanan, Shanghai, China

  • PHONE: +86-21-6247 5328/7920
  • FAX:+86-21-6247 6980


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    Shanghai Exhibition Center (SEC) offers a large-scale conference and exhibition services for important political, economic, science & technology and cultural activities. This place was set up with the approval of Shanghai Municipal People's Government, Shanghai Exhibition Center (SEC).

    Shanghai Exhibition Center (SEC) has a total floor space of 80,000 square meters, of which 22,000 square meters are open for exhibition purposes. It provides with some of the most modern facilities, networking and ventilation systems. Not only this, it also consists of conference rooms, restaurants, coffee shops and lot of ample parking facility. SEC is divided into two buildings. The Northern part Includes Introductory Hall, Central Hall, No. 1 East Hall, No. 1 West Hall and No. 2 West Hall. The Southern part forms an exhibition area. SEC is a perfect venue for conference, exhibition and large-scale event in Shanghai.

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