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Asian International Yacht City

  • VENUE ADDRESS: No.99, Fulian Rd., Lotus Hill, Shilou Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou


    Asian International Yacht City, located in the floating lotus road of the Panyu District of Guangzhou near the Lotus Hill and Asian Games City, backs to the mountains and faces the ocean. It is about 1,500 acres and will result from an investment of 40 billion yuan, or about $65.8 billion.

    The Asian International Yacht City is being led by Guangdong Yazhou International Yacht Co. Ltd., combined with the Guangdong Yacht Industry Association, to build the largest yacht demonstration base in the world.

    Asian International Yacht City will consist of nine service areas, including International brands headquarters, a 4S trade and maintenance area, an RV and aircraft business area, a yacht club area, a yacht culture tourism area, a yacht design center, a yacht training center, a water sports training area, a high-end lifestyles experience area and a yacht city supporting service facilities.

    Lotus Hill International Yacht Club is the core item of Asian International Yacht City, where 800 yacht international standard berths will be built and more than 20 yacht clubs will be gathered from all over the world.

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