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CIDBE 2012 - China International Diet and Beauty Exhibition 2012


 China International Diet and Beauty Exhibition 2012

CIDBE 2012 

An International Trade Fair for Health & Beauty

About the expo in China:

CIDBE 2012

The China International Diet and Beauty Expo (CIDBE) in Beijing  is an International Trade Fair for Health & Beauty. It is one of the  most important fairs of its kind in China and presents its visitors  many different products for a beautiful and slim body. They also  have the opportunity to inform themselves on the show about  cosmetic procedures like breast augmentation. Exhibitors are  well-known national and international companies from the  industry.



Five Major Theme Exhibition Areas:
Slimness area: slimness chain stores, R&D organizations, manufacturers and agents, slimness guide, slimness plan, body-shaping pharmaceucals, slimness healthcare products, slimming instrument, health slimness underwear, body-shaping tights, dieting food, sliming education organizations, slimness franchise, slimness method promotion, slimness publications, series of slimness auxiliary products.
Health Wellness area: TCM products, health project franchise, acupuncture and massage, special treatment, TCM bath, TCM acupuncture, flavors and fragrances, health therapy, acupuncture meridians, TCM detoxification, dietary health products, psychological therapy, music therapy, psychotherapy, mental healthcare supplies, and health chain and clubs, health centers, senior centers, health chain stores, etc.
General beauty zone:professional Beauty skin care products, cosmetics, TCM and biological beauty, flavors and fragrances, cosmetic tattoos, research organizations, beauty chain stores, TCM beauty techniques, hair growth products, essential oils, foot bath, drug bath foot therapy products; beauty and haircare training schools; SPA beauty business, care products, fragrances, bath salts, mineral mud, seaweed, sea algae, sea salt, education and training, cultural publications, etc.
Instrument area:slimness beauty instrument, equipment and related support materials; daily chemical washing equipment, OEM, ODM, packaging equipment and materials suppliers, TCM care equipment, sport and fitness equipment, massage equipment, SPA equipment, body measurement and testing equipment, SPA design and consultation, physical therapy apparatus, massage apparatus, rehabilitation equipment, multi-functional equipment, yoga supplies, electronic magnetic therapy products, etc.
Daily chemicals and brand area: international and domestic well-known slimness and beauty brands, super slimming phamaceuticals of domestic daily chemicals manufacturers, dieting food, slimness equipment, slimness R&D organizations, weight control management center, slimness auxiliary products, etc.


Name: World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS)
Address: 5th floor, Building A, Wealth Garden, No.19 xiaoying Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing Zip code: 100101
Tel: +86-10-5865 0240 / 0042
Fax: +86-10-5865 0240 / 0041
Official Website: Click to Visit


World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS), approved by the State Council of P.R.China and registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs, P.R.China, is an international academic organization with its headquarters in Beijing. 
WFCMS is devoted to promoting the understanding and cooperation among the academic groups of Chinese medicine all over the world, strengthening the international academic exchange, improving their qualifications for Chinese medicine, protecting and developing Chinese medicine, working to have Chinese medicine gain access to the mainstream of medical system in different countries, promoting the exchange and cooperation among Chinese medicine and other medicines in the world and, therefore, making greater contributions to the health of mankind. The main tasks of the organization are:
(1) to work out and publicize international standards related to Chinese medicine, thereby, carrying out international certification and pushing forward the healthy development of Chinese medicine in the world.
(2) to conduct various academic activities for the purpose of promoting international exchange and cooperation among societies of Chinese medicine; promote the academic development and personnel training, thereby allowing Chinese medicine to contribute more to the health of mankind. 

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