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Bio Taiwan 2012


Bio Taiwan 2012

Bio Taiwan 2012

Activity Theme of Bio Taiwan 2012

The Golden Decade—Based on the Asia-Pacific, Eyes on the World!


Move-In & Move-Out Time

Move-in: July 24-25, 2012 
Move-out: July 29 before 23:00


Advisory Committee (preliminary)

Advisory Committee for Promoting Biotechnology, EY
Ministry of Education, EY 
◎Ministry of National Defense, EY ◎Ministry of Finance, EY 
◎Environmental Protection Administration, EY
◎Department of Health, EY 
Council of Agriculture, EY 
Council of Economic Planning and Development, EY 
National Science Council , EY 
Financial Supervisory Commission, EY
Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA 
Department of Industrial Technology, MOEA 
Small & Medium Enterprise Administration, MOEA 
Taipei City Government 
Tainan County Government
County City Governments 


Sponsors (preliminary) of Bio Taiwan 2012

1. Industrial Technology Research Institute

2. Office of Public Affairs & Technology Transfer, SINICA

3. National Health Research Institutes
4. National Applied Research Laboratories
5. Development Center for Biotechnology
6. Pharmaceutical Industry Technology and Development Center
7. Food Industry Research and Development Institute
8. Animal Technology Institute Taiwan
9. Hsin Chu Science Park Administration
10. Southern Taiwan Science-based Industrial Park Administration
11. Ping-Tung Agricultural Biotechnology Park
12. Central Taiwan Science Park Administration
13. Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Program Office, MOEA
14. Taipei Biotech Association
15. China Development Industrial Bank
16. Taiwan Venture Capital Association
17. Taiwan Federation of Industry
18. Bio Industry Development Association
19. Mount Jade Science and Technology Association of Taiwan
20. Science-based Industrial Management Association Taiwan
21. Tze-Chiang Foundation of Science & Technology
22. Health Food Society of Taiwan
23. Chinese Nutrition Food Association
24. Health Food Association R.O.C
25. Taiwan Medical & Biotech Industry Association
26. Taiwan Pharmaceutical Manufacturer’s Association
27. International Research-Based Pharmaceutical Manufacturer’s Association
28. Chinese Herbs and Biotech Development Association
29. Chinese Pharmaceutical Manufacture and Development Association
30. Chinese Society of Laboratory Animal Science
31. Taiwan Food & Pharmacy Machinery Manufacturer’s Association
32. Taiwan Foundation for the Development of Biomedical Technology
33. Institute for Biotechnology & Medicine Industry
34. The Association of Allied Industry in Science-based Industrial Park
35. Importers and Exporters Association of Taipei
36. The National Union Chinese Medicine Association of R.O.C.
37. Taipei Cross-Strait Civil Association
38. Japan Health Industry Distribution News
39. Related Biotech Research Institutes
40. Mass Media and Professional Magazines
41. Foreign Representative Offices in Taiwan1. Industrial Technology Research Institute


Bio Taiwan 2011 Show Review


Taiwan Biotech Industry(MOEI), Agriculture Biotech Industry, Department of Health, FSC, TTL, Bio Taipei, Bio Tainan, Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park(COA, E.Y.), Hsinchu Science Park(NSC), Southern Taiwan Science-based Industrial Park(NSC), Central Taiwan Science Park(NSC), Agriculture Biotechnology Pavilion ( Council of Agriculture, E.Y.), ITRI, ATIT, DCB, FIRDI, NHRI, NYMU, NCHU, CMU, Incubation Alliance, Chunh Yuan Innovation & Incubation Center(CYCU), Universal vision biotechnology, SINPHAR, CHI SHENG CHEMICAL,GENMONT BIOTECH, TAIWAN BIOTECH, A.T.P., Vedan Biotechnology, Anncare bio-tech, BIOBAAS, BIOMED HERBAL RESEARCH, BIOTANICO, CHAMBIO, CHAMPION, Toong Yeuan , COMPSON, CHANG HUNG BIOMEDICAL, FUNCARE OF TAIWAN, HAN-SIENT, LYTONE, MASTERASIA, NATUREWISE BIOTECH & MEDICALS, PO-ZONE , Simpson, Taiwan leader, TENSALL, TEX CHU, CJFU, DER KANG , EASY CURE BIOTECHNOLOGY, NUTRAREX, NUTRISENSE, GEMFONT, PHARMACHIEF, Priority Healthfood,U-LIANG FOOD , WEDAR , YU LUEN, NSTPBP 1, NSTPBP 2, SAN-HSIUNG, E2JOY, CHUNG FU , Auger , First-Elite, Japan Pavilion, Australia Pavilion, Artificial Electronic Retina ---A Bright Future of  Biomedical Electronics total of 74 theme pavilions participation.

Exhibitors 481 (Including pavilion exhibitors)
Booths 926 booths in Zone B, C, D in TWTC Hall 1, include 74 pavilions.
Conferences 26
Conference Attendees 3,037



Total visitors – 85,967,categorize as following:
Government 3,340 Medical device & instrument 6,188
Academic R&D institutions 5,939 Biotech equipment 8,128
Biomedical 5,143 Other biotechnology 13,356
Biotech material & services 4,438 Students 6,872
Bio food 11,237 Overseas 2,838
Biotech Cosmetology 16,027 Others(Including venture capitals) 2,461


Achievement and Feedback
1. The biggest bio event “2011 Bio Taiwan” in Asia pacific caught international media’s attention.
2. Waves of promotional activities enabled the continuous TV news broadcasts throughout the event period, the general result was overwhelming.
3. The on-site marketing “Bio Special Offer”, aiming for B2C trade, was well-received and successful.
4. The organizers were glad to see the Incubators Pavilion displayed stunning result, it is worth developing in the future.




Name: Chan Chao International Co., Ltd.
Address: 3F, No.185, Kangchien Road,Nei-Hu Dist., Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: +886-2-2659 6000
Fax: +886-2-2659 7000
Official Website: Click to Visit

Chan Chao International Enterprise Group was founded in October, 1985 and is the first civil professional exhibition corporation. We are engaged in organizing large-scale international exhibitions and conferences, publishing exhibition magazine and CD-title, deputizing digital online exhibition.

Chan Chao International do not limit ourselves as a regional exhibition company, cause our effects, the company are well organized and vigorous developing to a global enterprise. From 1990, Chan Chao started expanding overseas business, besides transfer-investing into Es Mass Communication (M) Sdn. Bhd in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Yorkers Trade & Marketing Service Co., Ltd.. in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, we are also closely alliance with the Paper Communication Exhibition Services in Hong Kong. Gradually we cooperated to organize more than 10 machinery exhibitions in the eastern-south Asia and many cities in China. Year after year, we have not only obtained official or general sales agent for many events in 38 countries, but also built a strong partner relationship.

Due to the economic growth in Vietnam, since 2001, Chan Chao has organized various International professional standard machinery exhibitions including, Textile machines, Sewing machines, woodworking machineries, automation machineries, plastic/rubber machineries, Packaging machineries, Foodtech machineries, Electronics, Car accessories, Spa, and environmental protection machineries; to create a better customer relationship, in the September of 2001, Yorkers Trade & Marketing Service Co., Ltd. was established in Ho Chi Minh City to get a closer contact with our oversea visitors/exhibitors.

To better comply with the ever-changing economy and market transition in globalization, Chan Chao has been proactively dedicated ourselves in the markets of developing countries such as Bangladesh and Cambodia these years. We expect to explaore more potential markets and business opportunities for our customers.

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