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NMAC 2011 – The 4th New Media Annual Conference


The 4th New Media Annual Conference (NMAC 2011)



Background of NMAC - New Media Annual Conference

             The NMAC (New Media Annual Conference)of Yiguan has been held 3 times successfully,with the influence covering Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. There are more than 1000 enterprises, over 500 medium, and nearly 10 thousand audiences attending the annual conference. The conference helps the participants from all walks of life establish and disseminate the brand value and promotes the multidimensional business cooperation by sharing the latest and the most popular industry hotpots through the excellent speech and the interactive program.


The theme of NMAC 2011 – The 4th New Media Annual Conference will be “the post-new media era”, a brand new concept.

           NMAC 2011 will discuss the powerful advantages and development trend of the post-new media, facilitate the cross-boundary integration of the traditional marketing channel and the emerging marketing channel, share the innovative achievement of low-cost interactive marketing model, represented by the word of mouth marketing, social marketing etc., and help the advertisers and the marketing institutions establish the platform of business cooperation to  set up the vane of the post-new media era for the enterprises and the customers. 


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Who we are

•       Founded in 2000, with 300+ staff now, Analysys International is headquartered in Beijing, China, with branches in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and representative office in other fast growing areas such as Shenzhen, Nan Jing and Chengdu.

•       Analysys International is the largest information service and Solution Company in China’s fast growing Internet market. We deliver the Internet-related information, insights and solutions necessary for our clients to make the right decisions and act in the right way every day.

•       From CEOs and senior e-commerce leaders in corporations and government agencies, to business leaders in high-tech and telecom enterprises and professional services firms, to technology investors, we are the valuable partner.

•       Preferred partner of over 25 organizations from central, regional and municipal government authorities 

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