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Optoelectronics Shanghai 2012 - The 11th China (Shanghai) International Optoelectronics Expo


The 11th China (Shanghai) International Optoelectronics Expo (Optoelectronics Shanghai 2012)

The 11th China (Shanghai) International Optoelectronics Expo (Optoelectronics Shanghai 2012) will be divided into three pavilions and the scope of exhibits includes LED, optics, optical communications and other optical fields.

The 11th China (Shanghai) International Optoelectronics Expo (Optoelectronics Shanghai 2012) will not only show the international and professional characteristics of the optoelectronics industry, but also provide an ideal interactive platform for the enterprises worldwide to exchange ideas and tap business opportunities. In addition, more and more overseas buyers will gather in the exhibition center to witness the progress of China (Shanghai) International Optoelectronics Expo. For this reason, the Organizing Committee of Optoelectronics Shanghai 2012) will continue to provide high-quality comprehensive exhibition and convention service for domestic and overseas enterprises. 


Scope of Exhibits

◆    LED Pavilion

  LED components and materials: LED chip, wafer, LED phosphors, organic silicon, substrate, etc.

LED Package / Module: Cannibal fish LED, LED lamp, digital tube, dot matrix LED, cluster-type LED, SMD LED, High Power LED, etc.

LED semiconductor lighting and applications: LED display, LED luminous characters, LED lighting,  LED traffic lights, LED backlight, LED automotive light, solar-LED applications, LED control system, etc.

LED manufacturing/testing equipment: Dispenser, die bonder, color separation/spectrophotometric machine, LED cutting-foot machine, spectrum detector, moisture-proof cabinet, etc.


Optics Pavilion:

(1) Optical material: colored/colorless optical glass, special optical glass, optical crystals, optical plastics, optical auxiliary materials, etc.

(2) Optical elements: optical lens and prisms, optical windows and flat elements, optical lens and modules, optical films, etc.

(3) Optical instruments: microscopes, tool microscopes, telescopes, camera, video camera, projectors, range finders, etc.

(4) Photo processing and testing devices: grinders and polishers, lens molding equipment, electroforming equipment, diamond turning equipment, cutters/scribers/excircle saws, crystal growing equipment, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, laser interferometers, spectrograph, etc.

(5) Optical coating: optical coating equipment, optical film testing equipment, optical coating materials, optical film design software.


Optical Communication & Laser & Infrared Pavilion: 

Fiber-optic communication equipment

Fiber-optic communication transmission, access equipment (fiber-optic access equipment, integrated access equipment); multi-service platform; optical fiber, cable; multiplexing equipment, optical transceiver (PDH optical transceiver, photophone, multi-service optical transceiver), etc.; fiber optic transceiver, interface converter, protocol converter, mode converter, optical mouse, optical ethernet, fiber channel card, GPON system, EPON system, CWDM system, DWDM system

Optical communication device (active device, passive device)

   Lamp sources, detectors, transmitter-receivers, amplifiers, repeaters, connectors, optical switches, optical add/drop multiplexers, waveguide devices, wavelength division multiplexers, attenuators, filters, couplers, separators, wave-length converters, grating devices, optical circulators, optical crystal, integrated optical devices, etc.

Optical communication testing instruments

     Optical time-domain reflectometers, power meters, optical loss testers, error code rate testers, spectrometers, channel analyzers, fiber testers, etc.

Network engineering auxiliary equipment and materials
Optical fiber fusion-spicing device, wiring board, wiring panel, patch cord, media converter, etc.; optical fiber polishing machine, fiber optic cable connector box, etc.; ferrule, sleeve, spare parts, etc.; plastic optical fiber.

Digital video optical lasers and laser applications laser processing equipment auxiliary equipment and accessories

Photoelectric infrared sensors

Low-light, infrared and thermal imaging devices; infrared night vision; infrared temperature measurement, etc.

Photoelectric peripherals and auxiliary equipment


Organization Committee of the 11th China (Shanghai) International Optoelectronics Expo (Optoelectronics Shanghai 2012)

Organized by: Shanghai Institute of Electronics

China Touch Control Association

China Mobile Phone Association

Hong Kong Kuozhan International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Supported by:  Korea Electro-Optics Co., Ltd.

                           Taiwan Photovoltaic Industry Association

                           Hong Kong Optoelectronics Association

                           Xiamen Optoelectronics Industrial Park

                           Hong Kong Kuozhan International Exhibition Co., Ltd.


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Tel: +86-21-6484 1166 / 6484 1177
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