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CICEME 2012 - The 8th China International Coal Equipment & Mine Technical Equipment Exhibition


International Expo on Coal Mining Equipment & Technology Beijing 2012CICEME 2012


The 8th China International Coal Equipment &  Mine Technical   Equipment Exhibition 


(China International  Exhibition on Coal Mining Equipment & Technology)

The 8th China International Coal Equipment & Mine Technical  Equipment Exhibion in Beijing focus on presenting achievements  and experience from the Chinese coal industry. At the fair and the  concurrent conferences, innovative products and services are  shown and also latest results from research are presented. The  event wants to introduce the performance of the industry in this  area and thereby promote it.
Exhibition time and place
setting time :2012 June 26th - 27th (9:00 - 17:00)      opening time: 2012 June 28 th (9:30)
showing time : 2012 June 28th-30th (9:00 - 17:00)    finishing time: 2012 June 30 th (16:00)


professional coal mining equipment & Coal Processing techniques, Coal Chemicals are the targeted visitors.


The showing products:

1. The showing the image and latest achievements of large-scale  mining groups at home and abroad, the Coal City Investment  Projects, the latest coal mining industry manufacturing equipment.
2. The coal mining manufacturing equipment: Shearer and its  accessories, electrical shovel stands and its accessories, scraper  conveyor and its accessories, mining vehicles, pumping station,  and mining metallurgy equipment ;
3. The roadway tunneling and supports: roadway tunneling  equipment ,drilling equipment, roadway support materials,  roadway support equipment (such as drill bolt and concrete jet).
4. The coal transportation equipment: under-mine transportation  equipment, transport equipment spare parts, underground storage  of materials, grilled mining machine, rock loader, loader ,shovel  transport vehicles;
5. Mining Safety and Monitoring: coal mining safety production  control system, security monitoring system, large mining screen,  underground mining communications, underground wireless  communication equipment .
6. Mining services: geological exploration, ventilation equipment,  reparation equipment, hydraulic equipment, sealing and  lubrication, wire rope and testing, compressor, mining design and  research, computer applications of mining, consulting and trading,  mine rescuing, mine cooling, coal testing, coal testing  facilities of  combustible, toxic, hazardous gas.
7. Mining mechanical equipment and materials: explosion-proof  equipment, transformers and substations, power equipment (such  as diesel, gasoline), generators, clutch, coupling, explosion-proof  diesel engine, battery, switch, motor, reducer, air compressor  machine, nitrogen generator, oxygen generator, gear, bearing,  mining tire & harvester and its accessories, electronic scales, r  feeding device, mining lamp, mining lighting equipment, mining  safety materials, mining cable pipes & chains, carbide drill  equipment and hard alloy equipment;
8. The open-coal mining equipment: open coal mining machine,  power shovel, excavator, bulldozer, scraping cars, bucket wheel  feeding, graders, mining truck;
9. The dressing and powder processing equipment: crusher,  screening machine, separators, washing machines, pounding pulp  machine, ball mill machine, drying machine, mixer, grinding,  grinding column machine, grinding machine, filter machine,  flotation machine, centrifuge, calcining equipment, granulating  equipment, weighing equipment, testing & coal chemical  equipment;
10. Metallurgical coking equipment: interest coke car, protect  furnace iron, stopping coke car, side loading coal car, pushing  coke car, coal loader, tamping machine, cut coke machine,  recycling equipment.
11. The coal mining drainage equipment: vortex pump, screw  pump, submersible pumps, high pressure pumps, slurry pumps,  sewage pumps, mining pipes and etc.
12. The mine emergency rescuing equipment: mining escaping  equipment, self-help mining equipment, personal protective  equipment, rescuing transportation vehicles, rescuing train- equipment, etc.
13. The coal mining & CBM exploration equipment & technology  and extraction equipment: drilling machine, drilling tools, pipe,  joint etc; CBM extraction, LPG station equipment, storage and  transportation pipe CBM generator, CBM exploration and  application technology, etc


Name: Beijing Huamaolian Exhibition Co., Ltd. (former Beijing Sino-Trade Union Exhibition Co., Ltd.)
Address: RM 1604,North Building,Raycom Creative Center,East Bajiao Street,Shijingshan,Beijing,100043, China
Tel: +86-10-6868 3796; +86-132 6020 9406
Fax: +86-10-6863 1368
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Beijing Huamaolian Exhibition Co., Ltd. ( former Beijing Sino-Trade Union Exhibition Co., Ltd.), which was founded in 2004, is headquartered in the Capical of China - Beijing.

We are one of the largest and most influential exhibition organizations in China with the business activity of organizing the first-class China & overseas exhibitions. We are a professional group with excellent business skills, efficient management, wealthy information resources and perfect business system, being a ideal trade and information platform in many industry, community groups, government agencies and communications exchanges.

We make our great efforts to serve customers' success and needs by grasping the market trends, effective management, as well as broad information resources.Every year, we have been engaged in the coal industry, we successfully held dozens of exhibitions & expo involving coal, chemicals, metallurgy, environmental protection, engineering equipment, building energy, metal processing, industrial automation, power transmission and etc in Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Shanxi and so on. All that makes us a professional exhibition organization, and we will have been doing our best efforts to serve our clients with perfect oragnizing group.

With the service goal of "internationalization, specialization, being famous brand", we offer platforms and opportunities for domestic and foreign enterprises to develop China market by providing professional services. Since 2004, we have been focusing on promoting and developing our businesses. Nowadays, Beijing Huamaolian Exhibiiton Co.,Ltd has grand activities in many cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shanxi, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia and etc. What’s more, our China International Coal Equipment &  Mine Technical Equipment Exhibiiton(CICEME) has become one of the five international world exhibitions, which provids precious platform and opportunity for all the companies and trade of the world.

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