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IFE 2012 - 11th China(Guangzhou) International Food Exhibition And Guangzhou Import Food Exhibition

  • VENUE: Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Centre
    Location & Details of Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Centre
  • VENUE ADDRESS: No.119, Liu Hua Road, Guangzhou, China
  • ORGANIZER: Guangzhou Yifan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
  • Official Website: Click to Visit
  • Contact:Ms. Echo Chen
  • E-Mail:
  • Tel: +86-20-61089279
  • Fax: +86-20-61089459
  • CITY:Guangzhou
  • INDUSTRY:Packaging
  •  Food & Beverage
  •  Herbal, Nutrition, Organic & Natural Products
  • DATE: 2012/03/27 - 2012/03/29 Expired!










IFE 2012 -  11th China(Guangzhou) International Food Exhibition And Guangzhou Import Food Exhibition

Concurrence :The 12th China Nutrition & Healthy Food and Organic Products (Guangzhou) Exhibition 2012

Organizers: China Agricultual Economy Development Association
Guangzhou Import Food Quality Management Association
China Nutrition Industry International Communication Association
Guangdong Healthy Food Industry Association
Sponsor: Guangzhou Yifan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Supporters: China Food Industry Association, Healthy Weekly, China Food Newspaper, TaiWan Healthy food Association
Conference Hotel: China Hotel, Dongfang Hotel, Guangzhou Huamao Centre
Brief Introduction:
With the development of life standard and quality, people pay more attention to the food quality and security. Government has set up the China Food Security Law and will carry it out on June 1st, which will standardize the food industry, stop the food security accident, support the innovation of the food industry, extend technology research and new products development, and encourage the industries to build their own brands .Guangzhou is the economic, commercial and financial centre of China, and is the important production base and import and export centre of China. In addition, adjacent to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and South Asia, it has an excellent economic radiation power and preeminent position. These entire make Guangzhou plays a significant role in the economic development throughout the whole country. And in this IFE 2012, the organizer will promote the exhibition through all kinds of media and provide considerate service so as to make a more professional and international one. We are expecting your participation and to create a brilliant future for food industry together.
Due to the careful cultivation of the last nine sessions of IFE and the strong support of professional visitors, we have made great progress and been recognized as the largest, most popular and most efficient professional pageant in food industry. There are famous enterprises such as Icicle Inc.、SCI FOOD CORPORATION SDN.BHD.、Bo-Vision NV, Caterina De’ Medici, Nuskin, GEN SCRIPT, MERTEK, aXimed As, American Pomo Punica, Life-flo health care Products Corp, Germany Orthomol Pharm, Japan AMS Group, Korea BIO,  Taiwan Microbio,Taiwan Naturebio,Taiwan Guang De Li,Beijing Tongrentang, Shangdong Yin Xiang Wei Ye, Nippon Paper Industrieo Trading Co., LTD., Golden Hope Food& Beverage Sdn Bhd, Taiwan Pavilion, Italy Pavilion, etc. The exhibition have made a great achievement, the accumulated area  reaches 63, 900 square meters, the amount of the exhibitors accumulated about 33,00,  and more than total 180,000 professional audiences have taken parted in.
Promotion plan
1. The exhibition IFE 2012 has received the support from Guangdong Foreign Economic and Trade Office, Guangzhou Foreign Trade Bureau and Municipal People’s Government and relevant departments. And it will report the whole process through GZTV, Southern TV, Guangzhou Daily, Southern Metropolitan News, Phoenix TV, and Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao etc and put up numerous ads on bus and in the open air. That will attracts 100,000 professional audiences from main land and oversea to come to purchase.
2. We will make great efforts to invite purchasers from Taiwan, Macao and Hong Kong. With the strong support of oversea exhibition organizers and Guangzhou foreign embassy, we will invite the visiting pavilions from Malaysia, Viet man, Japan, Korea, Singapore, France, Germany, America to exhibit.
3. IFE 2012 is undertaken by professional organizers who have built up a favorable show transaction platform and has a huge dealer’s database to interact through SMS. There are also specialized person to send SMS and E-mail to the target visitors at regular time.
4.The organizers will organize the supermarkets and whole-sale markets to purchase, such as Trust-mart, Wanjia Supermarket, Parknshop, Hongcheng Market, Jusco, Jillian, Xinyijia Sup ermarket , Markro, Guangzhou Grain and Oil Wholesale Market, Guangzhou Ruibao Grain and Oil Wholesale Market,Guangzhou Dongwang Food Wholesale Market, southern Guangzhou Food Wholesale Market, Guangzhou Baiyunshan Agricultural Production General Market,Guangzhou Three-one Food Wholesale Market,etc.
5. We have specialized media to promote: 6.300,000 tickets will be printed and we will invite professional person in food industry by these tickets. What’s more, we will call on and reserve on phone the professional person who located on the Pearl River Delta.
Exhibition condition
The enterprise has the Industry and Commercial Business License.
Exhibition products:
1. Imported food area: Specialty food from all of the world, native products, regional products ,travel food, snack food, candy, biscuit, chocolate , grain puffing food, dried fruit, nuts,  meat products, seasoning, beverage and drinking, wine, beer, spirit and other products.
2. Food and beverage area: Baking and bakery products, cakes, oat cereals and soy products, candy and chocolate, dairy products and milk, egg products, fruit products, wine, beer, spirits, coffee and tea, juices and soft drinks, mineral water, snack food, seasoning goods and jams, olive products and olive oil, pasta, frozen food, ethnic specialty foods, halal food, geographical food, meat and meat products, poultry and poultry products, seafood, vegetable products and salted products, cans food.
3. Nutrition and health food exhibition: Nutrients, nutritional supplements, nutritious food, functional food, natural supplements, organic food, green food and so on.
4. Food additives and ingredients Area:All kinds of food additives, food ingredients, plant extracts, functional food ingredients, food processing aids.
5. Food processing and packing equipment: food processing equipment, meat processing equipment, metal detector, fruit and vegetable processing equipment, cry logy, bio-ferment technology, packing machinery, spurts and code machinery, packing material, printing machinery, beverage producing line, food test equipment etc.
Exhibition booths and fees:
*Raw Space:USD300/m2(the minimum area is 36㎡)  (Raw space will be charged construction management fees: RMB28/㎡, No facilities will be offered to Raw space)
*Luxury Booth: USD3000/booth(9 m2)corner booth will be charged 10% extra fee
Facilities: Two/three partitions, name banner(signage), 1 reception desk, 1display cabinet,1 glass round table, 4chairs, 1dustbin, 2 lamps,two or three displays, 1 1electric socket(220V,500W),
Exhibition agenda
Move-in Date: Mar25--26, 2012 (9:00---17:00)
Exhibition Date: Mar27--29, 2012 (9:00---16:30)
Move-out Date: Mar29, 2012  (14:00)
(Note: The application deadline for this exhibition is Feb.28, 2011)
Application procedure:
1. The applicators receive the invitation and fill it out
2. The finished application should send to the organizing committee in form of fax or letter (with official seal)
3. The organizing committee will verify the qualifications of the applicants and pre-assigned the booths and fax the Notification Form for Pre-Assign Booths to applicants.
4. The applicants should pay within the time stipulated in the Notification Form for Pre-Assign Booths and fax the bank remittance receipt together with the Notification Form for Pre-Assign Booths to organizing committee for reference.
5. The organizing committee sends the Booth Confirmation Letter to the exhibitor once the payment is confirmed.
6. Exhibitors can set-up booths on set-up day with the Booth Confirmation Letter
Committee office: Guangzhou Yi Fan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
Address: Room 201, Yin yan Building, No.25, Yan ling Road, Guangzhou Post Code: 510507
Phone: +86-20-61089279
Fax: +86-20-61089459
Contactor: Ms Chen 15013161291



Name: Guangzhou Yifan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
Address: Room 201, Yin yan Building, No.25, Yan ling Road, Guangzhou, China Post Code: 510507
Tel: +86-20-6108 9350
Fax: +86-20-6108 9459
Official Website: Click to Visit

Guangzhou Yifan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd is a professional exhibition service agency. We have branches in Changsha and Nanchang currently. We have always been committed to strengthening all sectors of economy, trade, technology exchange and cooperation, with a professional exhibition service team who are proficient in exhibition market operation, working conscientiously, be responsible to all customers and offering considerate service.

Over the years, Guangzhou Yifan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd creates a remarkable career in the ordinary industry. With the support of the government departments and in the cooperation with various industry associations, chambers of commerce and institute, basing on purpose of  to strengthen exchanges, promote cooperation, expand markets, mutual benefit and win-win, being frank and open with our customers, starting from customers interests, we have organized several exhibitions of various industries successfully.

Our exhibitions involve many industries: industrial safety, environmental protection, food, agriculture, feed, machinery, medicine and so on, and has won wide reputation from all industries merchants. 

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