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CIEC 2012 - 2012 Guangzhou International Electronic Chemicals Exhibition


2012 Guangzhou International Electronic Chemicals Exhibition (CIEC 2012)


Profile of 2012 Guangzhou International Electronic Chemicals Exhibition (CIEC 2012)

Exhibits Range

Integrated circuit electronics chemical

the photoresist, lot reagents, electronics &specialty gases, packaging materials;

PCB electronic chemicals

substrate with chemical materials, processing with chemicals, electronic engineering adhesives, etc.

Flat panel display industrial electronics chemical

display board base material, liquid crystal display (LCD) materials, plasma display materials, organic electroluminescent display materials, vacuum fluorescence display materials, projection display materials, ect.

New energy battery electronic chemicals

a、lithium electricity battery material, cathode material, anode materials, the diaphragm and electrolyte, ect.

b, solar cells with electronic chemicals, ect.

c、capacitor chemicals.

Containing fluorine, containing silicon electronics chemical

inorganic fluoride, organic fluoride, other containing fluoride, organic silicon, monocrystalline silicon, polysilicon, semiconductor silicon, silicone resin, electronic silicone material, optical silicon anticipates, ect.

Other electronic chemicals and special equipment

Semiconductor with inorganic electronic chemicals, hybrid circuit with chemicals, rare earth compounds, electrical coating, conductive polymer, ect.


Name: Zhenwei Exhibition Group
Address: 8th floor 801-803 of the Building E, Triumph Town, No.170 Bei Yuan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China 100101
Tel: +86-10-5823 6586/5823 6569
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​Zhenwei Exhibition founded in 2000. It was evaluated as one of the top ten influential exhibition organizations of China In 2006. Zhen Wei Group was selected as one of the top ten exhibition companies in 2007. It was evaluated as an exhibition company having the most development potential in China in 2008. Zhenwei Exhibition is the Deputy-Chairman Enterprise of China Convention & Exhibition Society and has been a member of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI).

In recent 10 years, Zhenwei has included five sole corporations, Guangdong ZhenWei Guozhan Exhibition Co.,Ltd., Beijing Zhenwei Exhibition Co.,Ltd., Tianjin Zhenwei Exhibition Co.,Ltd., Shaanxi Zhenwei International Exhibition Co.,Ltd. and Xinjiang Zhenwei Exhibition Co.,Ltd. We specialize in exhibition industry, communication industry and information industry and e-commerce.
Standing on clients' success and focusing on their needs, Beijing, Tianjin,Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xi'an and Urumchi Zhenwei companies with professional service and quality operation management organize over twenty professional exhibitions every year in the fields of petroleum and chemical, coal mining electricity, metallurgy, energy conservation in construction, building templet, heat supplying, environmental protection, machinery, metal processing, industrial automation, battery & power, agriculture, fabric & clothing etc.
“Profession, commitment, innovation and service” are our working philosophy. Zhenwei Exhibition guided by the principle of international development has been committing to cultivate brand events. We hope to fuel regional economic growth through exhibition industry development impelled by our brand shows.
Zhenwei Exhibition cultivates to be a specialized well-known brand, has finished its strategic arrangement in the whole nation's exhibition market and will concentrate in Asian exhibition cities, including Beijing,Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Singapore, and HK etc, aims to establish a first-class exhibition brand in Asia, by meeting global economic development trend and developing in the professional, branding and international way.

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