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SLF 2012- The 9th Shanghai International Leather Fair 2012



SLF 2012-  The 9th Shanghai International Leather Fair 2012

Concurent :2012 Shanghai International PU/PVC Fair


About SLF 2012-  The 9th Shanghai International Leather Fair 2012-


It is the 9th year for SLF to be held since the first time in 2004. After 9 years' accumulation and precipitation, SLF is so well-grounded that will be held in the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center in 2012 with a whole brand-new packaging and image. High starting point orientation, further service, brand accent, vogue performance, elite gathering, taste showing are all we aim for. Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center takes and maintains the nobleness of the permanent pavilions which are combination of the most advanced software and hardware facility and the nice environment, being considered as the dream factory of international exhibitions and activities. Nothing is impossible and everything is creative here in this top terrain, super hall with spacious space and excellent service.
Out Specialties-
    Last Fair was held at Shanghai Ever bright Convention and Exhibition Center on May17-19, 2011. Various products had displayed .The total show area was more than thirty thousand square meters, professional audience was up to thirty thousand and more than 23 percent is from overseas. Almost they are from twenty countries like, Japan, Korea, USA, Middle -East countries, Euro member states, and so on. Seventy percent buyers are in various industries like shoe, garment, bags, furniture, automobile, leather. They were pride of it.
  2012, The 9th Shanghai International Leather Fair  (SLF 2012) will be fresh at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center on May 16-18, 2012. Since The International Leather Fair was first held and is continually expanding ,there are more exhibitiors every year with a growing interest from international companies . The leather Fair is becoming an International recognised event with the provisions for a fair and open platform for buyers and sellars to negotiate a fair price for their goods.The new show will now focus on areas such as Enviromental protection ,Ecological,Low carbon leather exhibits in view of the changing world focus on the demand of internatiomal and local buyers .This Fair will enhance the development of a fair and open forum that will benifit all partisipants and will be an new era in World exhibitions of Leather Expo.
Over 1000 buyers from more than 20 countries and regions which is in medium - sized footwear, furniture, car, luggage, leather goods, clothing, gifts, stationery, and other enterprise buyers will meet with you on May 16-18, 2012 in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center and there will be 30,000 professional visitors, baiming national outstanding distributors met in Shanghai and taste this annual fashion dinner together.
The Corresponding Events
1. 2012China green leather technology seminar
2. Shanghai International leather fair gold medal display for appraisal and award ceremony
3. The Ceremony of The best ten yearly PU/PVC of China
Booth Fees:
Indoor Standard Booth:(3mx3m=9㎡ )
Home Enterprises  10800RMB/9㎡(Luxury Booth13800RMB/9㎡)
Home Enterprises  13800RMB/12㎡(Luxury Booth16800RMB/12㎡)
Foreign Enterprises 30000RMB/9㎡  (Luxury Booth 38000RMB/12㎡)
Indoor Bare Space:(36㎡ on rent)
Home Enterprises  1000RMB/㎡    
Foreign Enterprises 3000RMB/㎡
Facility for a Standard Booth
one desk、two chairs、a Chinese and English Corporate Name Board、two spot lights、one rubbish basket、one5A/220V socket、floor covered with carpet、2.5 meter high three-side alloy board(two-side at the corner).
Raw Space
  Just a piece of raw land without any facility, the exhibitors have to build up their own booths. The management fee is charged by the hall office. Please contact them directly asking about the specific procedure.
Service for the Exhibitors
1.We supply all the exhibitors with public responsibility insurance, the hall cleansing and 24 hours' security service, etc for free.
2. About 200 words of company profile of the exhibitors will be public on our elegant periodical with no charge.
3. Transportation, objects leasing, hotel reservation and other services will be provided by us so the exhibitors can choose depending on their need but to pay.
4. Golden prize of Shanghai International Leather Fair will be voted on the General Assembly and winners will get a medal and the certificate.
5. Technical exchange conferences and product promotions will be arranged by General Assembly and all units can apply for but being charged RMB6000 for 2hours.
SLF 2012-  The 9th Shanghai International Leather Fair 2012 Event Contact:
Ms.Sharon Chen
Shanghai Yahui Exhibition Co.,Ltd
Add: 20F,No.5lane,wangzubuilding, shanghai, 200235,China
Tel:  86-21-34140970



1. Natural leather show
Natural leather ,cow leather , pig-skin, sheepskin ,garment leather, furniture leather, shoe upper leather , industrial leather, sports leather, fur, original skin fur, wet blue skin, Second skin, semi-finished product, leather goods, leather clothing, fur clothing and so on.
2. Shoe material& machine show
shoe materials, shoes mold, shoe tree, sole, shoe line, shoe pattern, hardware, CAD/CAM system, adhesives, finishing, PU rubber, all-purpose adhesive, curing agent, hardener, zinc stearate, resin curing agent, shoes machine, laser engraving machine, etc
3.PU/PVC Show
Garment leather, shoe upper leather, sofa leather , case leather, Automotive leather for furniture, PU/PVC, leather fabric, leather substrate, rolling leather, printing leather, breathable leather, space leather, Color-Change leather, flocking leather ,etc
4. Leather Chemicals and Machinery Show
Various leather machinery, leather chemical additives, leather processing equipment (carving machine/marking machine/cutting machine), shovel skin machine, shoe machine, leather printing, computer software, CAD technology, etc.


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Address: 20F,No.5lane,wangzubuilding, Shanghai, 200235,China
Tel: +86-21-6482 7889
Fax: +86-21-5171 4666
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 Shanghai yahui Exhibition Co.,Ltd was founded in 2000, it is a professional exhibition company under Foreign Economic Relations & Trade Commission, which always devotes itself to playing a role of bridge and bond in promoting foreign and domestic exchanges of trade, science and technology.

 Shanghai yahui Exhibition Co.,Ltd has also held dozens of influential international exhibitions as “Shangh ai International LEATHER Exhibition”, “Shanghai International AGRI-FAIR Exhibition”, “Shanghai International CASE&BAG Expo” etc., all of which are successful. The company has gained customers trust from different countries, owing to efficient and thoughtful services.

    The opening policy and economic development of China makes numerous foreign firms cast their eyes at such a huge Shanghai market. It is the exhibition that is an audiovisual and effective way to introduce their products to Chinese consumers, and it can also accelerate the speed of knowing each other between Shanghai and the world. 

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