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ABC 2012 - Aisa Business Continuity 2012

  • VENUE: TBA (To Be Announced) / TBC (To Be Confirmed)
  • ORGANIZER: JFPS Group China
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  • E-Mail:
  • Tel: +603-2600 6000
  • Fax: +603-2600 6116
  • CITY:Hong Kong
  • INDUSTRY:Media & Advertising
  •  Business Services
  • DATE: 2012/04/17 - 2012/04/18 Expired!


 Aisa Business Continuity 2012 (ABC 2012)

Aisa Business Continuity 2012 (ABC 2012) will be held from April 17 to April 18, 2012 in Hong Kong, which still organized by JFPS Group.

"Asia Business Continuity 2012 (ABC 2012)" will unearth the winning formula to mitigate all potential risk, build a thorough BCP, test and maintain a plan according to the organizations need and constraint. This regional conference will also address the continuous expectations of the media and the ever evolving internet communication, while providing a platform for business continuity professionals to discuss and network in a conducive environment.

Highlights on ABC 2012 - Aisa Business Continuity 2012

•Sustaining business continuity program amidst the current economic volatility

•Designing specific Business Impact Analysis (BIA) to suit each organizations

•Understanding how organizational structure can alleviate risk and build resiliency

•Identifying the strategies to increase ROI on business continuity to strengthen senior management commitment

•Recognizing the impact of a well placed crisis communication procedure to safe guard the reputation of the organization

•Managing the use of social media – a boon or a bane?

•Measuring the business continuity and disaster recovery plan based on the impact of Japan's earthquake crisis


Business Continuity started with their initial good practices and guides which acted as a catalyst for other organizations. Later on, with the growth in the number of organizations practicing business continuity, specific guidelines or requirements were initiated. However, not many businesses are completely aware that Business Continuity does not only require strategic planning but also effective testing and exercising. The randomness of some of these disasters lulls some organizations into a sense of false security.


Name: JFPS Group China
Address: Unit 2007-2010, 20th Floor, Tower 1 Kerry Everbright City No. 218, Tian Mu Road (West) Shanghai, China 200070
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E-Mail: +86-21-5172 0088
Official Website: Click to Visit

JFPS Group is the leading business performance enhancement company with affiliate partners across the globe. JFPS Group organizes hundreds of events annually and works with thousands of senior executives from leading companies to improve their strategic decision-making process.As a world-class business intelligence provider, JFPS Group provides business executives with knowledge and skills through conferences, professional training, in-house training and consulting.

Our success is based on the fact that we constantly research and listen to all industry sectors. Our events and research papers are addressing the issues and concerns raised in the discussion that we have with our clients. This helps us to ensure that the business information we provide is timely, cutting-edge and features the best speakers.

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