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CeMAT Asia Shanghai 2012
About the trade fair in China:
CeMAT ASIA is an International Exhibition for Material Handling, Automation Technology, Transport Systems and Logistics. It functions as a global communication platform and paves the way to new sales opportunities.


Target visitors:

Professional buyers and visitors from around the world in the following industrial sectors: food, pharmaceutical, tobacco, auto, retail, textile, home appliance, furniture, agri-forest, electronics, transport, packing, construction materials, hardware, shipping, ports, air forwarding and so on.


Product Category

Mechanical handling
1.1 Cranes Accessories for cranes, lifting equipment 
1.2 Series lifting equipment, lifting platforms 
1.3 Hoistable man platforms 
1.4 Continuous mechanical handling equipment, monorail conveyors Accessories for continuous mechanical handling equipment
1.5 Industrial trucks, fork lift trucks, accessories
1.6 Driverless transport systems, storage and retrieval equipment for shelves and racks Manual trolleys
1.7 Components of drive technology, hydraulics, pneumatics
1.8 Lifts, elevators, escalators, moving pavements, cable cars Accessories for lifts and elevators 
1.9 Accessories for all mechanical handling
Warehousing technology and workshop equipment
2.1 Warehousing systems, shelving systems, shelving technology 
2.2 Factory equipment Workshop equipment 
2.3 Pallets, bins and containers
2.4 Industrial doors and gates
2.5 Cleaning systems for warehouses and storage facilities
2.6 Warehousing accessories, general
Packaging and ordering picking equipment
3.1 Packaging equipment for warehouses and shop floors
3.2 Weighers and metering devices 
3.3 Packaging and order picking systems
Loading technology
4.1 Dock levelers 
4.2 Loading ramps, platforms and bridges
4.3 Loading equipment, bulk material, containers, mixed cargo 
Entire systems for material handling technology, warehouse technology, logistics
5.1 Entire conveying systems
5.2 Turnkey systems for logistics
5.3 Entire supply-chain management
5.4 Entire robot and handling systems
Traffic engineering
6.1 Road vehicles, commercial vehicles and accessories
6.2 Rail vehicles
6.3 Railway equipment 
6.4 Shipbuilding 
6.5 Road maintenance equipment
6.6 Multi-storey car park and parking equipment
6.7 Traffic control technology and systems
6.8 Integrated traffic systems
Intralogistics – Systems and software
7.1 Computer systems and control systems for material flow and intralogistics
7.2 Identification technology, AUTO ID systems, sensors for intralogistics
7.3 Application software and solutions for intralogistics and transportation logistics
7.4 Branch-specific solutions for intralogistics and transport
Logistics services and outsourcing
8.1 Logistics management 
8.2 Transport logistics 
8.3 Logistics and intralogistics services 
8.4 Joint / system services for logistics 
8.5 eLogistics services 
8.6 Consulting, planning, financing and project-management services 
8.7 Maintenance services 
8.8 Publishers 
8.9 Associations


Name: Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd.
Address: 301 B&Q Pudong Office Tower 393 Yinxiao Rd, Pudong Shanghai 201204, China
Tel: +86-21-5045 6700
Fax: +86-21-5045 9355
Official Website: Click to Visit

We are the Chinese subsidiary of Germany-based Deutsche Messe, one of the world’s largest and most active trade fair organizers.

Our business in China started from mid 1980’s. We organise and manage tradeshow-based marketing programs at Hannover events. In addition to event organization and management, we offer exhibition related services such as visa invitation, ticket / catalog selling, accommodations booking, transportation and stand construction.

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