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CIAAE 2012 - The 10th China (Guangzhou) International Auto Accessories Expo

  • VENUE: Poly World Trade Expo Center (PWTC)
    Location & Details of Poly World Trade Expo Center (PWTC)
  • VENUE ADDRESS: No.1000, Xingang Rd (E), Haizhu District, Guangzhou
  • ORGANIZER: First-class Exhibitions (FCE)
  • Official Website: Click to Visit
  • Contact:Mr.Yang
  • Tel: +86-20-2837 8188 / 8189
  • Fax: +86-20-2837 8181
  • CITY:Guangzhou
  • INDUSTRY:Automotive & Auto Parts
  •  Industrial Automation
  • DATE: 2012/05/28 - 2012/05/30 Expired!


The 10th China (Guangzhou) International Auto Accessories Expo

CIAAE 2012


CIAAE 2012 (CHINA AAE 2012) will be a grand, modern and international trade event relying on mainland, radiating Asian-Pacific area and taking a broad view of the world. The sponsor guarantees that all participants see through effective product introduction and imager show, widen the market and succeed in popularizing based on this professional expo.

One of the focuses of the work of CHINA AAE 2012 Organizing Committing is the organizing and inviting of professional audience. The sponsor will introduce the internationally advanced CRM customer relation administrative system, combining government, association, enterprises, media resources and the sponsor's strong database and through direct posing, fax, visiting, VIP invitation, instant popularization, exhibition previewing, advertising, media, participant invitation and international cooperation and many kinds of channels to invite many professions.



Reequipped articles :

the automobile glass, the frame riser, the automobile tire, the wheel hub, the automobile lamps, and lanterns, the automobile roof louver window, gate wrist, gate rubber, pedal, handle, arm rest, the automobile chair, steering wheel, bumper, luggage rack, rain scraper, the weathercock, automobile explosion-proof membrane, the heat insulation cotton, visor thing, the automobile wide envelopment, sound-proof material, the engine shell, the exhaust pipe, the silencer, the shock absorber, guards against hits the rubber, the galvanization eyebrow and so on;


Decorating articles :

the rug, the floor rubber, the seat cover, the seat cushion, the back cushion, the back cushion, the window blind, the steering wheel wrap, the hand rack, the spectacle frames, the key buckle, the electricity must dig, the cigar lighter, the paper goods box, the heat preservation pot, the doll, the wind chimes, the label, ,the antenna, the gear lock, car license, spare tire cover, the wheel eyebrow, the fender, the cold light lamp, the static electricity belt, the static electricity gap, the barometer, the thermometer, mahogany Ornaments etc.

Automobile electron and electrical equipment :

Automobile semiconductor , electron component , automobile sensor, simulate a component , electric control moves power-assistance , the electricity charges the dangerous rack, vehicle dispense with computer , telephone, mention, the intercom , vehicle are loaded with the platform , vehicle loaded with a refrigerator , contra variant electrical equipment , air-filled pump , accumulator cell , electric fan etc.

Automobile Acoustics equipment :

Automobile audio , trumpet , vehicle loaded with TV , DVD , VCD , CD , MP3 , automobile bass cannon , meritorious service readjust oneself to a certain extent , display , decoder , balance implement , loudspeaker , receiver etc.; 

Safety articles :

The automobile safety belt , safe air sac, display and recording instrument, automatic monitoring system for tire pressure safety , radar system ,visible and intelligent backing system, GPS ,the electron map , GPS electron map , radar distance-registering device , the automobile buffer , the car blowing pump, the vehicle monitor , the camera head , the burglar alarm, the anti-thief device , lock , remote monitoring and security systems. Liquid crystal display intelligence monitoring system, vehicle robot police, mobile monitoring storage divice, network communication equipment, the sensor detector; 

Cosmetology and nursing articles :

The vehicle wax , bright glaze of crystal , cleaning agent, washing vehicle liquid , automobile lacquer , lacquer face protection film , lacquer renovating , glass mends an agent , the aseptic , synergist , atom ash , product carbon wipe out a kind nothing but, the cryogen , engine oil , lube , additive , brake fluid , adhesive , fluid sealant , automobile washer, vacuum cleaner etc.;

Environmental protection and health articles :

The vehicle purifying product, air cleaner, taste agent, deodorant , glossy catalyst purifying the agent , the fresh agent, the automobile perfume , the incense fumigate an implement , smoked sesame oil, guards against the dizzy mirror , the automobile oxygen bar , automobile massage instrument , massager , massage cushion , massage chair and automobile lie fallow , the bivouac , the articles for use touring wait;

Automobile energy conservation articles :

The fuel oil additive, the fast gasoline economizer, the fuel oil catalyzing implement, the increasing oxygen implement;

Other :

The chain service organization washing vehicle , improving the looks , taking good care of , mending quickly a store , automobile cosmetology school , training and supporting facilities.




The target visitor group of CIAAE 2012 (China AAE 2012) will include professionals related to Car manufacture, Car redoing factory, car equipment manufacture, car articles and parts manufacture, trader, agent, dealer, terminal user, Car industry zone, car article and parts market, supermarket, chain store, automobile Maintenance Center , garage , doughnut store, automobile maintenance and beauty centre, automobile performance detecting station , automobile marketplace dealer ,car industry elite, automobile service industry , automobile amateur , club , business institutions authority medium , automobile traffic branch , government departartments in charge of car industry, automobile industrial association , professional media etc.



Name: First-class Exhibitions (FCE)
Address: No.8, Pazhou Ave., Xingang Rd (W), Haizhu District, Guangzhou
Tel: +86-20-2837 8188 / 8189
Fax: +86-20-2837 8181
Official Website: Click to Visit

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