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SIDS 2012 - 2012 Shenzhen International Industry Design & Software Technology Exhibition


2012 Shenzhen International Industry Design & Software Technology Exhibition

SIDS 2012

SIDS 2012

Exhibits Scope of SIDS 2012
CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM/ERP softwares:
Design, processing, analysis, data management software

Related to industrial design:
Industrial design agencies products
Enterprise Innovative Design Products (products and design R&D department)
Industrial products and design patents
Industrial design organizations
Industrial design educational outcome
Related media
Overseas design agencies
Reverse and fast forming equipments
Industrial training institutions
Innovative design and actual objects 

Exhibition highlights of SIDS 2012:
※Virtual display coupled with actual objects   
During the exhibition, an industrial design display zone will be set. Software simulation will be coupled with design actual objects, which will give visitors a more direct visual experience.

※ Various high level expert forums, which will demonstrate perfect cases of structural design, the virtual design and reality of industry shaping. 
PRO-E Godfather Professor Lin Qingan, Mould leading expert Cha Hongda and other industry experts will share their experiences

※ Creativity competition to showcase your creativity
※ On-site digital control processing competition
※ CAD/CAM/CAE talent recommendation meeting
※ Participation of multiple overseas design agencies
    Design agencies from Finland, Italy, Japan and other countries will have discussions on the application of industrial design in enterprise technical innovation.

※ Numerous visitors from processing and manufacturing enterprises
   Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition and S.Mould have more than 12 years of history and have become the highest standard, largest and most effective specialized exhibitions in the machinery manufacturing sector in China. The exhibitions have attracted  more than 100,000 manufacturers and purchasers from manufacturing and related industries, who were also purchasers for Shenzhen Design Software Exhibition.  



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