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SICA 2012 - 2012 Shenzhen International Industrial Control & Automation Equipment Exhibition


2012 Shenzhen International Industrial Control & Automation Equipment Exhibition

SICA 2012

The 13th Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition will set an exhibition zone for SICA 2012 -  industrial control and automated equipments. The display focus will be on sports control, censors/servers, digital control system, robots, testing/examination system units, electric and linear motors, speed-adjustment systems, electric/pneumatic/hydraulic valves,leading screws, wire gagues, and all kinds of censor control units, and power supply, power box, coils,terminals,magnetic/insulated materials and all kinds of auxiliary equipments.

Exhibits Scope of SICA 2012

[Transmission, Control, Execution]
Control systems, pneumatic/liquid/electric transmission devices, operational censors, executors,measurement and testing systems, robotic visual and image processing,industrial computer/human-machine interface, robots and simulation, industrial control network and software systems.

[Electric Machinery, Electric Censors and Parts]
Server/stepper/directed line electric machinery, inverter/transformer, operational application components, measuring instruments, wires and winding, terminals/terminal blocks, magnetic and insulated materials, winders and peripheral equipments.

[Machinery Electronic Industrial Technology]

High/low voltage power source, inductance/reactance/wave filters, machinery transmission/control devices, UPS, switch controls, and replacement devices, open/closed loop control systems and softwares.


Name: SZMA - Shenzhen Machinery Association
Address: RM 1218, F12, Building A, Xinian Center, No., 6021, Shennan Avenue, Futian District, Shenzhen
Tel: +86-755-8345 8818 EXT 20
Fax: +86-755-8345 8918
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