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CIE 2012 - 2012 China International Import Expo



2012 China International Import Expo 


CIE 2012


CIE - The first national level import expo hosted by the authoritative organization in China.

Hosted by China Chamber of International Commerce, Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government. CIE 2012 is the first national level import expo and aims to promote and expand the import of foreign products and technologies

.Advertisements and press release in major Chinese economic newspapers, magazines and TVs, including CCTV, The Finance Channel of Shanghai Broadcasting and TV Station, China Daily, Economic Daily, the Economic Report of the 21st Century Economic Reference, the First Finance Daily, etc. E-newsletter, DM, flyers and tickets sent regularly to over 100,000 Chinese importers and buyers in the official database. CIE 2012 is your best way to make acquaintance with qualified Chinese importers.


Through strong networks of China Chamber of International Commerce and free information release on official website, pre-matchmaking service will help you find your potential importers before the expo. If you intend to invest in Jiangsu, China, we will help you arrange a visiting tour to local industrial parks or enterprises. After the expo, your exhibits which are not sold on the spot can be stored in the warehouse of Kunshan Comprehensive Bonded Area free of charge for half a year, during which you may still find your importers and buyers.


Conferences during CIE 2012 - 2012 China International Import Expo

a. International Summit Forum Heads of international chambers of commerce and associations, leaders in the Chinese and foreign business circles, representatives of well-known enterprises and academics will share with attendees about the latest ideas, approaches and opportunities in global trade.

b. Seminars and Lectures Seminars and lectures will be held on such topics as how to exert the important role of import in the macroeconomic balance and economic restructuring of China, how to promote the basic balance between trade earnings and expenditures,etc.

c. New Product Recommendation New product recommendation will gives exhibitors the opportunity to introduce their products and services to Chinese importers and end users.


Name: China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT)
Address: 1 Fuxingmenwai Street, Beijing 100860, P.R.China
Tel: +86-10-8807 5769 / 5729
Fax: +86-10-6803 0747
Official Website: Click to Visit
Official Website: Click to Visit

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) was established in May 1952, which comprises VIPS, enterprises and organizations representing the economic and trade sectors in China. Now, it already becomes the most important and the largest institution for the promotion of foreign trade in China.

The aims of the CCPIT are to operate and promote foreign trade, to use foreign investment, to introduce advanced foreign technologies, to conduct activities of Sino-foreign economic and technological cooperation in various forms, to promote the development of economic and trade relations between China and other countries and regions around the world, and to promote the mutual understanding and friendship between China and peoples and economic and trade circles of all nations around the world, in line with law and government policies of the People’s Republic of China.

With the approval of the Chinese government, the CCPIT started to adopt a separate name – China Chamber of International Commerce (CCOIC)- in 1988, which is used simultaneously with the CCPIT. The CCPIT admits new members from among enterprises in all parts of China and promotes trade through its functions of information consultation, exhibition, legal assistance, etc.

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