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FLOWEXPO , which is International Exhibition on Valve, Pipe Fitting, Fluid Machinery and Process equipment , was founded in March,1997. We can attend this expo once a year at GUANGZHOU .

FLOWEXPO will provide you with good favor in exploiting market and seeking commerce opportunity! We can make sure that our exhibition will achieve greater effect , both the businessman and audience this year! If you want to book our showcase,  please apply for it in advance; if you want to visit our exhibition ,you are welcome to register. Please contact with us as soon as possible.

Exhibit profile of FLOWEXPO 2012


1. Valves &Pipe Fittings

1.1. Valves for general industrial use 

- gate valves 
- butterfly valves 
- globe valves 
- ball and plug valves 
- diaphragm valves 
- other shut-off valves 
- check valves 
- regulators and control valves 
- pressure, temperature and level limit valves 
- separators and dischargers 
- fittings 
- pipe expansion joints and connection devices 
- valve actuators 

1.2. Valves for special industrial or similar use 
- valves for the production and distribution of water and for sewage water 
- valves for pipelines for gas, crude oil and destillation products of crude oil 
- valves for the municipal gas distribution 
- valves for district heating 
- valves for the chemical industry 
- valves for the pharmaceutical industry 
- valves for conventional power plants 
- valves for ship-building industries 
- valves for refrigeration plants and heat pumps 
- valves for drink and food industrials 
- fire-fighting valves 
- valves for containers and tanks 
- valves for other industrial uses

1.3. valves for use in domestic appliances and similar installations 
- sanitary valves 
- valves for water supply in buildings 
- valves and regulating equipment for heating, air conditioning and ventilation appliances 
- valves for domestic gas installations and for gas appliances 
- valves for laboratories and medical appliances 
- valves for agricultural and similar purposes 

1.4. Multi-turn Valves or Linear Motion Valves
- Gate Valve
- Globe Valve
- Pinch Valve
- Diaphragm Valve
- Needle Valve 

- Plug Valve
- Ball Valve
- Butterfly Valve

- The Check Valve
- The Pressure Relief Valve

- valves is designed to ensure accurate proportioning control of flow
- power actuators 
- Valve positioners 
- other accessories

The substance to be handled and the required flow rate. 
- The requirement that the valve control and/or shut off the flow in the manner demanded by the service conditions. 
- The ability of the valve to withstand the maximum working pressure and temperature. 
- The ability of the valve to resist attack by corrosion or erosion. 
- Actuator requirements, if any. 
Maintenance and repair requirements.

Manual Actuator 
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Actuators 
Electric Actuator

1 Piping component

1.1 Pipe, tube 

1.2 Pipe Fitting 
1.2.1 Elbow 
1.2.2 tee 
1.2.3 cross 
1.2.4 reducer 
1.2.5 boss 
1.2.6 coupling, full coupling 
1.2.7 union 
1.2.8 bushing 
1.2.9 cap (C),plug,nipple 

1.3 Bend 
1.4 Flange (FLG )
1.5 Gasket (GSKT)

2. Pipe & Tube Fittings 

2.1. Pipe, Tubing, Hose and Accessories 
2.2. Air Hose and Air Duct Hose
2.3. Flow Orifices and Flow Restrictors
2.4. Fueling Nozzles and Receptacles
2.5. Gas Fittings
2.6. Grease Fittings 
2.7. Hose Clamps and Band Clamps
2.8. Hose Fittings 
2.9. Hydraulic Fittings
2.10. Hydraulic Hose
2.11. Industrial Hose
2.12. Industrial Pipe
2.13. Medical Tubing
2.14. Metal Tubing
2.15. Nozzles
2.16. Pipe Fittings 
2.17. Pipe Hangers and Pipe Supports
2.18. Pipe Flanges 
2.19. Pipe Markers 
2.20. Pipe Transits 
2.21. Plastic Pipe 
2.22. Plastic Tubing 
2.23. Pneumatic Fittings
2.24. Rubber Tubing 
2.25. Rupture Discs and Burst Discs 
2.26. Sanitary Fittings 
2.27. Spray Shields 
2.28. Tube Fittings 
2.29. Tubing 

3. Pumps,Fluid Machinery and Systems 

3.0. pumps
Positive displacement pumps,Gear pump,Progressing cavity pump,Roots-type pumps,Peristaltic pump,Reciprocating-type pumps,Compressed-air-powered double-diaphragm pumps,Impulse pumps,Hydraulic ram pumps ,Velocity pumps ,Centrifugal pump,Radial flow pumps ,Axial flow pumps, Mixed flow pumps , Eductor-jet pump,Gravity pumps, Steam pumps,Valveless pumps 

3.1 Compressors
3.2 Fans and blowers
3.3 Hydro turbines Storage pumps & pump turbines
3.4 Gas and steam turbines
3.5 Wind turbines
3.6 Propulsion
3.7 Fluid couplings and torque converters
3.8 Elements for fluid machinery and systems
3.9 Flow sensors and measurements
3.10 Vibrations and rotor dynamics
3.11 Jet technology
3.12 Fluid sealing and lubrication
3.13 Operation, monitoring,maintenance,cost & life evaluation
3.14 Pipelines and distribution systems 
3.15 Design and manufacturing for fluid machinery and systems
3.16 Materials for fluid machinery and systems
3.17 Erosion, corrosion, and wear
3.18 Cavitation, condensation and two phase flows 
3.19 New application of turbomachinery
3.20 Renewable energy
3.21 Mitigation of impact on environment & improvement of environment
3.22 Reduction of CO2 emission
3.23 Energy Technology for Sustainable Development
3.24 Application of MEMS
3.25 Micro & nano fluid systems
3.26 General fluid and structural mechanics of fluid machinery 

4. Process Equipment 

4.01. Conveyors - Belt, Magnetic, Pneumatic, Screw, Vacuum, Vibratory
4.02. Coolers
4.03. Dewatering Equipmen
4.04. Dryers 
4.05. Dust Collection/Scrubbers
4.06. Elevators
4.07. Evaporators
4.08. Feeders
4.09. Instrumentation and Controls
4.10. Material Handling and Transport
4.11. Mixers and Blenders
4.12. Packaging and Bagging Equipment
4.13. Particle Enlargers and Formers - Extruders, Pellet Mills
4.14. Samplers
4.15. Screening Equipment
4.16. Separation Equipment - Liquid/Liquid: Distillation, Hydrocyclones
4.17. Separation Equipment - Liquid/Solid: Belt Presses, Centrifuges, Clarifiers, Cyclones, Screw Presses, Thickeners
4.18. Separation Equipment - Solid/Solid: Magnetic
4.19. Services - Consulting, Engineering, Testing, Training
4.20. Size Reduction Equipment
4.21. Storage Equipment and Containers
4.22. Vacuum Equipment and Systems
4.23. Weighing Systems and Equipment 


Target audiences of FLOWEXPO 2012

Invitation professional audience and exhibitors is always put it in the most important position. The professional audience is more than 8000 person-time, whom come from more than 40 countries and areas .

Following companies are target audiences:

(1) Buyer

- suppliers,traders,dealers,agents, wholesalers,Distributors,Importers,Exporters,trading organizations ,sales representative,Manufacturers(OEM,OBM,ODM) ,Users

(2 ) Process Industry Users

The modern manufacturing industry which fabricate flow material products, manufacture new productions in chemistry ,physics or biology . The products is counted by measure but not by pieces. The production link is indivisible. It contents:

—— Chemical Process Industry

petrochemical industry , chemistry, pesticide, biochemical engineering, chemicals for daily use, cosmetics, industrial chemicals, additive, SYNTHETIC DRUG high molecular polymer, coating material, pigment, dyestuff, chemical reagent, cementing compound , rubber and chemical fiber .

—— Food Processing Industry, Beverage Industry

Beer, milk, milk products, coffee, mineral water, purified water, soft drinks, sodas, vegetable juice, tins, fermented food, amino acid, monosodium glutamate, citric acid, yeast, enzymic preparations, condiment, white spirit, Coke, aerated water, sugar, axunge

—— The biology technology , pharmaceuticals industry

chemical medicine, SYNTHETIC DRUG, Pharmaceuticals, crude drug, traditional Chinese medicine, gene pharmaceutical , veterinary drugs, health products

—— Petroleum and Natural gas industry
—— metallurgy, energy resources, building materials, light industry and papermaking industry
—— environmental protection industry
—— Nuke industry, thermoelectricity industry

(3) Fluid project and item

The purchasing department, design organization , construction organization, installation unit and biding organization which concerned with fluid(liquid and gas) construction project .

—— oil gas exploit / artifice/ transportation engineering
—— construction engineering (water supply and drainage, firefighting , air conditioning, water tap, heat supply, gas supply)
—— city building engineering , municipal administration engineering , public utilities engineering
—— valve rooms of long-distance pipeline projects , energy and electric power engineering
—— environmental protection engineering
—— other engineering projects

(4) all trade concerned with fluid ( liquid, gas, starch powder)

—— water, sewage, process water, life water, tap- water, mineral water, distilled water, purified water
—— steam and hot water
—— air, compressed air, smoke-dust gas
—— gas , poisonous inflammable explosive gas
—— oil, product oil and crude oil
—— chemicals and chemistry dangerous cargo
—— food and drink , medicine and biologicals
—— other fluids

(5) Suppliers, cooperation organizations, media, business sector and service provide companies

(6) The audience invited by exhibitors or by sponsors whom are authorize by exhibitors

(7) The suppliers and customers whom invited by visiting groups to meet at Flowexpo


The expected interest to attend FLOWEXPO 2012 is :

1. meet your old clients and develop new clients.

2. find more distributors and agencies to build marketing channel and broaden the distribution network.
3. develop international trade and broaden imports and exports business.
4. meet and communicate with the consumers
5. meet the person in the same trade or occupation to develop OEM business.
6. propagate and popularize your brand , advance your popularity and esteem.
7. obtain the purchase information of project item and the tendering chance.
8. recruit the professionals in sell, technology and manage periods .
9. acquaintance new suppliers and cooperation parteners.


Name: Guangzhou Flow Expo Co., Ltd.
Address: 505 Lifeng Center,7 Qingnian Rood,GETDD, Guangzhou, China
Tel: +86-20-8220 9956
Fax: +86-20-6261 4523
Official Website: Click to Visit

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