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BM China 2012 - 9th Chongqing International Building Decoration & Ecological Building Materials


The 9th China (Chongqing) International Building Decoration & Ecological Building Materials Exhibition

BM China 2012

BM China 2012

With the theme of "low-carbon ecological economy, energy conservation and environmental protection", through 8-year's consistent cultivation and development, BM China has been fully reflected of its unparalleled importance by the rapid growth of the quantity of exhibitors, attendees and exhibition area, and has become the representative of the top level in the industry. The previous exhibitions have invited about 2000 famous enterprises and brands from 46 countries and regions all over the world, covering a wide range of technologies, products, equipment and services in the field of construction and building materials, and totally received about 125,000 professionals including developers, builders, contractors, decorative designers, agents and dealers from China, USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, India, Brazil and other countries and regions, which has been praised as one of the most professional industrial events with the best exhibition effect in China's western regions.

In 2012, the 9th China (Chongqing) International Building Decoration & Ecological Building Materials Exhibition (BM China 2012) will be held at Chongqing International Convention & Exhibition Centerfrom May 17 - 19, 2012.

Events with BM China 2012

+ The 6th China (Chongqing) Building Science and Technology Exhibition
+ The 3rd China (Chongqing) Stone Products Exhibition
+ Low-carbon Ecological Building Technology Seminar
+ Manufacturers Technical Seminar/Exchange
+ Building Energy Conservation and Intelligent Technology Exchange
+ Promotion Meeting of New Technology/New Products/New Materials/New Equipment (Four News) of Construction
+ Villa, Hotel and High-end Building Fine Decoration Reverse Purchasing Meeting
+ Economic & Trade Cooperation Negotiation and Signing Ceremony
+ XXX Design Decoration Experience & Consulting Meeting (looking for title sponsors)
+ Brand Building Materials Group Purchase Meeting
(Note: The actual arrangement of the above events shall be based on the site announcement of the Organizing Committee and shall be subject to any changes without notice.)


The target visitor group of BM China 2012 will include professionals related to

+ Agents/wholesalers/retails/building material malls
+ Building decoration companies (house and engineering decoration)
+ Real estate developers
+ Groups of building/engineering/construction
+ Architectural scientific research institutions/schools
+ Restaurants/hotels
+ Building materials manufacturers
+ Municipal contracted construction units
+ Constructional procurement authorities/governments
+ Industrial associations/chambers/institutes
+ New technology development and application units
+ International trade Units
+ Villa and high-end building owners
+ Related service units
+ Domestic and international purchasers 


The target exhibitor group of BM China 2012 will include professionals related to

+ Construction decoration, indoor design, environmental planning, gardening
+ Constructive and decorative hardware
+ Sanitary products, building ceramic products, kitchen fittings and parts
+ Decorative glass, moving doors, machinery
+ Ceiling, wallpaper, cloth art and accessories
+ Smart home systems
+ Wardrobes, bookcases, fire-blocking doors, sliding doors, etc.
+ Furniture, home products, art decorative series
+ Indoor environment detection and air purification products
+ LED, green lighting, coating and chemical building materials
+ Ground decoration materials, stairs, preserving timbers
+ Doors and windows, roofs, roofing systems and materials
+ Villa building materials, novel walls, thermal insulating materials
+ Heating, air conditioning and ventilating technology and products
+ Building sunshade products, control systems and parts
+ Pipes, pipe fittings and water purification technology
+ Building stone products and technical maintenance equipment
+ Novel building decorative materials


Name: Leven Exhibition
Address: Room 4, F10, Chengshi Zhiguang Building, No.19, Jiangnan Avenue, Chongqing
Tel: +86-23-6292 5058
Fax: +86-23-6292 5059
Official Website: Click to Visit

Chongqing LEVEN Exhibition Co., Ltd, called LEVEN EXHIBITION, international high specification large-scale exposition's collaborator.

LEVEN' essential target: Coming from European modern exhibition management and operator schema, unifying the Chinese market and down to Asian development and actual, mainly devotes in conducts the related profession the specialized display and the conference and make profession convention brand.

LEVEN value-added service: Extends exhibition's foundation to the international commerce inspection, the market marketing plan, the website design and the promotion, the paper intermediary service and so on. Provides the system's, valuable, complete the commercial platform to promotion brand image and the foundation marketing channel.

LEVEN pays great attention to cooperate: Pays great attention to domestic and foreign specialized organizations and establishment good cooperation with the organizations, unceasing expanded cooperation scope and domain. BroadFairs team expectate cooperating more related organization,like government apparatuses, profession association/academic society/ chamber of commerce, news media, commercial organization, display company and so on to make convention brand, promotion profession development.

LEVEN team thought: Everything depends on human effort, beforehand is personhood. Only had the customer development then have our development, served good our customers is develop ourselves.

We provide the general exhibitors, the audience, the media and each attending the meeting honored guest comprehensive high quality service, guaranteed that the attending the meeting honored guest will obtain the best participation effect respectively. 

Serves under LEVEN' banner the brand exhibition including: Chinese western construction science and technology exhibition, Chongqing (Chinese) green building materials exhibition, Chinese international industry exhibition, Chongqing (Chinese) coating painting academic congress and cooperated large-scale exhibition for example: Chongqing room rendezvous, family abundant meeting and so on.

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