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GBS 2012 - China (Guangzhou) International Boat Show 2012


China (Guangzhou) International Boat Show 2012

GBS 2012

GBS 2012

Highlights for GBS 2012 after the GBS 2011
Set up three sessions for exhibiting boat parts, boats indoor and outdoor area as well as waterr berths.
The exhibition date has changed into Friday, Saturday and Sunday which is more reasonable for professionals’ and yacht buyers schedule.
GBS 2012 will joint effort with associations to attract exhibition group to attend from both domestic and abroad.
GBS 2012 will invite experts to talk about the yacht development
Upgrade Services provided for exhibitors and visitors.
Media support for promoting GBS 2012.


In 2011, the first Guangzhou Boat Show (GBS 2011) has been successfully held during March 3-5 in China Import & Export Fair Pazhou Complex-the Asian biggest complex. GBS 2011 has attracted about 134 exhibitors, 15, 834 visitors and a trade volume of 90 million. After the GBS 2011, the local government has realized the importance for developing yacht industry in South China. It has also spread over the joy and fun of yacht life, which will be a solid foundation to highly develop the yacht.


Why attend GBS 2012?

1. Predominant geological location
Guangzhou, next to Hong Kong, is deeply influenced by Hong Kong for developing yachting industry. The Pearl River Delta is a unique geographical advantage with seven rivers winding through Guangzhou and directly into the South Sea. You may take a voyage covering Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Dongguan, Huizhou, Zhaoqing, Qingyuan, Zhanjiang, Shantou, Hong Kong, Macau, Hainan Island, Beihai, Qinzhou, Wuzhou etc. In the urban area, over 213 rivers can afford small and medium sized yachts to sail through. It forms a unique geographical advantage with an administrative area of 7, 345 square kilometres and the sea area ten times that. All rivers through Guangzhou are tidal rivers, which is very suitable for all kinds of boats to sail, travel and vacation.

2. Pleasant climate and beautiful coastline
Guangzhou, as well as the Pearl River Delta is located in the subtropical area with a mild climate and enough sunshine. It is a good place to carry out yachting activities.

3. Long river culture
Guangzhou is one of the sources of the maritime silk route. It boasts an advantage to develop yachting. Guangdong has the longest coastline and the most ports. While Guangzhou, one of the five central cities and the most vital transportation junctions in China, one of the most dynamic cities, the largest city in South China and the most important exhibition city. Guangzhou, situated in the Pearl River Port, is the capital of Guangdong province and the center of politics, economy, technology, education and culture.

4. Government support
Since 1990s, Guangzhou Government began to care for the water treatment and utilization of the Pearl River. An office, the Pearl River rectification, was estabished ever since. Until 2010, Sewage treatment rate reached 100%. With this momentum, Guangzhou will complete the Blus sky project and create a good condition to develop the yachting economic.

5. National policy guidance
When the State Council on Accelerating the development of the tourism industry and Yacht Safety Regulations go into effect, more and more beneficial measures will bring developing and investment opportunities to promote the yachting industry.

6. Leisure Yacht will be the new growing point in Guangzhou
Guangzhou Port Authority, together with Guangzhou Tourism Bureau, has studied and make the Guangzhou Port cruise ship marina Layout. Harbour work to promote economic development program was made by Guangzhou Municipal and Government. The program points out that the show should make full use of resources advantage and condition to create Guangzhou into a international leisure marine tourism base.

7. Purchase Power in Pearl River Delta: nearly 100,000 people can afford yachts
The GDP per capita in Guangzhou exceeds over 10,000 USD early in 2008 and top the first in China for years. Among the Pearl River Delta, Guangzhou is the most potential city to develop yacht industry.

8. GDP per capita exceeding 6,000 USD provides a market foundation for developing yachts
Accoding to the Asia-Pacific Wealth Report in 2009, millionaire in China ranked the fourth. China is the second country in luxury item consumption and predicted to be the NO. 1 in 2015. More and more rich people are putting yachts in entertainment and commercial use. China will be a massive market for developing yacht.

9. Exhibition Hall Advantage
China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex is the biggest exhibiton hall in the world. It has a high reputation both at home and abroad with the best exhibition centre port. It is predictable that Guangzhou Boat Show will be the one of the grandest shows within a few years.

10. Get in touch with the most successful entrepreneurs in China
Grandeur Internetional Exhibiton Group is one of the most influential exhibition enterprises in China. It has established a good relations with other global exhibition organizers in the world, such as Canton Fair, Guangzhou Furniture Fair, Guangzhoun Building Materials Fair, Guangzhou Hotel Supplies Exhibition, Guangzhou Lighting Fair, Guangzhou Industrial Automation Show and Guangzhou Game Industry Exhibition


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