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PM CHINA 2012 - China (Shanghai) Int'l Powder Metallurgy Industry Exhibition & Conference


PM CHINA 2012 - China (Shanghai) International Powder Metallurgy Industry Exhibition & Conference













China (Shanghai) International Powder Metallurgy Industry Exhibition & Conference



About the trade fair in China:


PM CHINA 2012 - China (Shanghai) International Powder Metallurgy Industry Exhibition & Conference is a premier conference in its field. The conference is designed to provide insights into technology trends of the powder industry. The conference seeks to promote and encourage business companies and China by providing ample opportunities for networking and interaction.

The conference is known to discuss a wide range of topics such as Application of Special Alumina in Advanced Ceramics, and development trend of Hard Metal Equipment.

International Powder Metallurgy Industry Exhibition & Conference will be a coherent fusion of questions and solutions, ideas and innovations in the field. The exchange of these ideas at this conference will of much benefit to all.


Events held in the same time: IACE 2012 - China (Shanghai) International Advanced Ceramics Exhibition & Conference


Visiting Schdule:
Opening Ceremony: 09:30-10:00 Apr.24, 2012
Exhibition to visit: 10:00-17:00 Apr.24, 2012
09:30-17:00 Apr.24, 2012



Exhibits of Display
PM Equipment:
Pulverization, Granulating, Crushing, Milling, Sieving, Sintering, Pressing, Dyring, Atomizing, Moulding, Tooling, Atmoshperic Apparatus etc.
PM Products: 
Sintering steel mechanical parts, Nonferrous mechanical parts, Friction & Antifriction parts, Porous Parts, Filter materials, Hard substance for cutlery & tool, Heavy metal parts, Sintering metal electromagnetic products, etc.
PM raw materials and auxiliary materials:
Iron-based powders, Steel powders, Aluminum powders, Copper powders, Nickel powders, Tungsten powders, Charring tungsten powder, Titanium powder, Tin powders, Cobalt powder, Stainless (high speed) steel powders, Tantalum powders and other alloy powders, Superhard materials, Ceramic materials, Magnetic materials, Nanopowders, Friction Materials, Graphite, Lubricating oil, Paraffin, Binder etc.
PM Testing/Measurement Instruments: 
Components analysis, Granularity analysis, Rigidity analysis, Surface characteristic analysis, Structure analysis, etc.


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