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IACE 2012 - China (Shanghai) International Advanced Ceramics Exhibition & Conference


IACE 2012 - China (Shanghai) International Advanced Ceramics Exhibition & Conference



IACE 2012
China (Shanghai) International Advanced Ceramics  Exhibition & Conference
About the trade fair in China:
IACE 2012 - China (Shanghai) International Advanced Ceramics  Exhibition & Conference will be held in Shanghai Everbright  Convention & Exhibition Center, the scale of Exhibition will be  the largest with more than 250 Exhibitors and 7,000 meters  square. Technology Innovative Strategic Alliance of Powder  Metallurgy Industry of China, Rin Tito Alcan, Powder Metallurgy  & Metallic Ceramics Academic Committee of the Nonferrous  Metals Society of China (NFSOC) will give strong support to the  IACE Exhibition.
The consultants from the host and sponsors will also give the  solution for problem which the enterprise facing in producing.
 Through the annual event the IACE 2012 will provide a special  commercial and technical communication stage including  advanced ceramics, powder metallurgy, refractory materials and so  on related.
With stronger support by the institutes inside and  outside China, and with the two concurrent showing held at the  same time to make a whole industry chain so as to bring more  buyers, it is becoming more international, professional and is  really a grand get-together for all attendees to meet variety of  demands. No doubt that the event is getting much more attractive  year by year.
Sincerely welcome your participation to the only Advanced Ceramics show in China.



Visiting Schdule:
Opening Ceremony: 09:30-10:00 Apr.24, 2012
Exhibition to visit: 10:00-17:00 Apr.24, 2012
09:30-17:00 Apr.24, 2012



Exhibits Scope
Raw Materials: 
Oxide - Al, Zr, Y, etc.
Carbide - Si, Zr, Ti, B, Cr, etc.
Nitride - Al, Si, B, etc.
Boride - Amorphous, Crystalline, Ti, Si, etc.
Preparation - mill, mixer, etc.
Shaping - mould, presser, etc. 
Drying - drum, chamber, jet, microwave, etc.
Firing - burner, kiln, furnace, etc.
Measuring/Controlling - gauge, sensor, etc.
Laboratory Equipment - calorimeter, analyser, dilatometer, tester, microscope, etc.
Advanced Ceramics
Electronic Ceramics
High-Tech Ceramics
Engineering Ceramics
Composite Material
Synthetic Crystals


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