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CIM 2012 - 2012 China Injection Moulding Expo


2012 China International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Injection Moulding

Industry Expo

CIM 2012

CIM 2012

Exhibit area of CIM 2012 is expected to be more than 30000 sqm, and more than 400 domestic and overseas enterprises will come to show the latest products.

Show Topic of CIM 2012 - 2012 China Injection Moulding Expo
CIM 2012 - 2012 China Injection Moulding Expo focuses on the application of plastics and rubber in automobile, electronics, electrical applications, household appliances, medical devices.

CIM 2012


Target Visitors of CIM 2012 - 2012 China Injection Moulding Expo
■User, accommodate, processing
■Food industry
■Auto industry
■Petroleum, natural gas and chemical industry
■Electronic engineering industry
■Building industry
■Professional distributor
■Professional trade
■Energy source and water-offering industry
■Relative industry service
■Relative association
■Relative college and institute

Regions and industries that visitors come from
25000 domestic and overseas professionals will be invited to visit CIM 2012. Domestic visitors will be invited mainly from Bohai Development Zone, namely seven provinces and cities, as Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Liaoning, along with other regions, such as East China, South China, Southwest, Northwest, and so on. Industry professionals from Japan, Korea, Turkey and southeast countries and regions will also be invited.

Most of the visit enterprises will come from industries of auto parts and components, electronic, home appliance, and others from food/beverage, daily chemical, medical, sports products, garment, trappings, present, engineering parts, building material, fitment material, packaging and printing, plastics packaging, plastics and rubber machinery, moulds and components, and so on. And the Organizers will invite chemical scientific and research units, universities, industry associations, press Medias and invest business organization


 The exhibitors of CIM 2012 - 2012 China Injection Moulding Expo mainly are from enterprises of plastics and rubber injection moulding machinery and auxiliary equipment, packaging equipment, mould, part and component, apparatus and instrument, plastics and rubber material, as well as trade groups and counseling organizations, and so on.


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