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SIIE 2012 - The 5th Suzhou International Die-casting Industry Fair

  • VENUE: Suzhou International Expo Center
    Location & Details of Suzhou International Expo Center
  • VENUE ADDRESS: Expo Plaza, Xiandai Avenue, Suzhou Industry Park,Suzhou, Jiang Su Province, P.R.China.
  • ORGANIZER: Suzhou Glory Exhibitions Co.,Ltd.
    Georg Fischer Automotive AG
  • Official Website: Click to Visit
  • Tel: +86-512- 6280 4720
  • Fax: +86-512-6280 4421
  • CITY:Suzhou
  • INDUSTRY:Mold & Die
  •  Casting & Forging
  • DATE: 2012/03/08 - 2012/03/11 Expired!


The 5th Suzhou International Die-casting Industry Fair

Concurrently with "The 9th Suzhou International Machine & Mould Exhibition"

and "The 7th International Surface Tech Exhibition"

Organizer of SIIE 2012- The 5th Suzhou International Die-casting Industry Fair: Suzhou Die-casting Industry Association

Co-organizers of SIIE 2012 :  Georg Fischer Automotive (Suzhou)

                                                    JiangXu Die-casting Group Company
                                                     CATCHER TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD
                                                     Suzhou JinCheng Precise Casting Co.Ltd
                                                     Suzhou XinHe Machinery Co.Ltd
                                                     Alteams Group Company                                         
                                                    Suzhou Chunxin Metal Die-casting Factory
                                                     China Die-casting Magazine

Sponsors of SIIE 2012: Suzhou International Expo Center

                                          Taiwan Magnesium Alloy Association
                                          Buhler Group Co.Ltd (Wuxi)
                                          Shanghai Atech Machinery Co.Ltd
                                          Shanghai SanJi Die-casting Machinery Co.Ltd
                                         Wuxi XinJiasheng Die-casting Machinery Co.Ltd
                                          TOSHIBA Machine Co.Ltd (Shanghai)
                                          YIZUMI Group Co.Ltd
                                          UBE Machinery (Shanghai)Ltd
                                          Oskar Frech GmbH + Co. KG
                                          IDRA CHINA LTD
                                          Langtech Limited

Suzhou International Die casting Industry Fair (SIIE) is an international trade fair for the die casting industry that will garner international purchasers and thus is an extensive forum for the exhibitors to present their latest and best collections like stair landing, parts of instrumentation and the like.
SIIE 2012 - the 5th Suzhou International Die-casting Industry Fair will be a great venue where professional manufacturers and agents can build connections and get to know about the resources of each other. SIIE 2012 - the 5th Suzhou International Die-casting Industry Fair is expected to be visited by around 170 enterprises of elevators and hugely benefit the exhibitors in finding new and potential customers and buyers.

The highlights of SIIE 2012 - the 5th Suzhou International Die-casting Industry Fair are:
+ Chinese and Foreign Die casting Technology Seminar
+ Spring Purchasing Assembly
+ The council meeting of Suzhou Die casting Industry Association

Products Group List

Copper alloy casting, aluminum alloy casting, magnesium alloy casting, titanium alloy casting and other castings manufactured by special cast processes  
Equipments: various cold/heat chamber die-casting machines, peripheral Equipments and fittings of die-casting machines, design and manufacture technology of die-casting mold Die-casting, funding raw and supplementary materials Die-casting, foundry and furnace’s inspection, analysis, control instruments.  
Furnace heat treatment devices and energy saving technologies as well as devices.  

Technology and trade information: new material, new technique, technological transference and technological consultation.


The taget visitor group of SIIE 2012 - the 5th Suzhou International Die-casting Industry Fair will include professionals related to purchase managers, product managers and product developers, casting designers, metal casters, constructors and all professionals related to this sector who will learn about every aspect of die casting.


The taget exhibitor group of SIIE 2012 - the 5th Suzhou International Die-casting Industry Fair will include the sectors of automobile manufacturing, metal metallurgy and engineering mechanics and will be manufacturers and producers of copper alloy castings, aluminum alloy castings, cold and heat die casting machines, peripheral equipments, fittings of die casting, die casting, funding raw and supplementary materials, analysis and control equipments for die casting, foundry and furnace inspections, furnace heat treatment and energy saving devices and new materials associated with this sector.


Name: Suzhou Glory Exhibitions Co.,Ltd.
Address: Expo Plaza,xiandai Avenue Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
Tel: +86-512-6280 4595
Fax: +86-512-6280 5042
Official Website: Click to Visit

Suzhou Glory Exhibitions Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter called “Glory”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Suzhou International Expo Center Co., Ltd. As the most professional organizer in Suzhou with the highest quality, largest number and scale of exhibitions, it specializes in planning and organizing various types of exhibitions and conferences. The exhibition theme covers real estate, automobiles, machine tools & industrial models, agriculture, logistics, clean rooms, etc.

Name: Georg Fischer Automotive AG
Address: Amsler-Laffonstrasse 9 8201 Schaffhausen Schweiz
Tel: +41-52-631 1111
Fax: +41-52-631 2882
Official Website: Click to Visit

Georg Fischer Automotive AG, Development partner in the automotive industry.

Organisation: Internationally active group of companies with twelve factories in three countries.

Company headquarters: Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Focus of work: Development and manufactoring of highly stressed castings for the automotive industry and its suppliers.

Locations: Germany, Austria and China

Market position:  Technology and market leader in many areas in Europe. Great Competence in all casting processes relating to series production (sand casting, gravity die casting, pressure die casting,) as well as for processing the associated materials (iron, aluminum, magnesium).

Employees: Around 5500 world-wide.

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