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2011 IDA Congress Taipei (2011 Taiwan International Design Expo)


About IDA

The International Design Alliance (IDA) is a strategic venture between the international organisations representing industrial design, communication design and interior architecture/design. The alliance was created by its founding partners, the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid) and the International Council of Graphic Design Associations (Icograda) in 2003. In 2008, the IDA welcomed the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI) to the alliance as the third partner.
About the IDA Congress
The IDA Congress is the primary event for dialogue between designers and non-design stakeholders in a summit format. The 2011 IDA Congress marks the alliance's inaugural event since its establishment  in 2005. Taipei was selected as the host city after an international competitive bid process.
Design at the Edges
  the edge between the design practices and other fields having a stake in design, including: science, technology, government, business and non-governmental humanitarian organisations;
  the edge between design disciplines, especially industrial, communication and interior architecture/design-what do they share in common and what sets them apart;
  cutting edge' work and ideas in design and in other fields: radically new, controversial, experimental, pushing the boundaries of the discipline.

2011 Taipei World Design Expo is organised and hosted by TDC and the Government of Taiwan. The Expo will be held 30 September - 30 October 2011, and is a parallel event to the 2011 IDA Congress.
Exhibition Venues & Dates
1. STF Creative Cultural Park Exhibit 
Dates: 30 September - 30 October 2011
Opening Hours: Friday-Sunday, 10:00–18:00
2. TWTC Exhibition Hall 1 (Areas A & D)
Exhibit Dates: 22 October - 30 October 2011
Opening Hours: Saturday-Sunday 10:00-18:00
3. TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall (4 F)
Exhibit Dates: 22 October - 30 October 2011
Opening Hours: Saturday-Sunday 10:00-18:00
Contact Information
1.Int’l Enterprises Area
Vicky Kao  Tel:+886-2-2745-8199 ext.535
2.Taiwan-Mainland China Design Area &Design Networking Area
Wendy Chang
Tel:+886-2-2705-2112 ext.19
3.Designer Players Exhibition
Fran Xiao 
Tel:+886-2-2745-8199 ext.577
4.Int'l Design Students Exhibition 
Emita Lin 
Tel:+886-2-2745-8199 ext.338 
e maile:


Name: TDC (Taiwan Design Center)
Address: Taiwan Design Center, No. 133, Guangfu S. Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei 11072, Taiwan(STF Creative & Cultural Park)
Tel: 886-2-2745 8199
Official Website: Click to Visit

TDC - Taiwan Design Center


Creative design is the key to the upgrading of national competitiveness. To promote the development of the cultural and creative industry, the government in 2003 had established Taiwan Design Center, a national design center. Taiwan Design Center became officially operational in 2004.
Taiwan Design Center has been positioned as an integrated platform to promote creative design. Its main mission is to upgrade original creativity of Taiwanese designers, promote international design exchanges, upgrade market competitiveness of Taiwanese industries, help enterprises build up their own brand, raise value-added of the said industries, and tell the world that the era of “Designed in Taiwan” has come.
Contact us:
Design Management Section 
Tel:886-2-27458199 ext. 210
  Design Industry Consultancy Section 
Tel:886-2-27458199 ext. 550
  “DESIGN” Magazine 
Tel:886-2-27458199 ext. 390
International Exchange Section 
Tel:886-2-27052112 ext. 18
  Industry Consultancy Section 2 
Tel:886-2-27458199 ext. 530
  Design Park Operation Section 
Tel:886-2-27458199 ext. 370
General Promotion Section 
Tel:886-2-27458199 ext. 330
  Industry Consultancy Section 1 
Tel:886-2-27458199 ext. 510
Research and Development Section 
Tel:886-2-27458199 ext. 660
  Design Projects Section 
Tel:886-2-27458199 ext. 640
Information Service Section 
Tel:886-2-27458199 ext. 310
  Creative Industry Consultancy Section 
Tel:886-2-27458199 ext. 570
Talent Cultivation Section 
Tel:886-2-27458199 ext. 620
  Strategic Planning Section 
Tel:886-2-27458199 ext. 350


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