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IPC & Embedded Expo 2012



IPC & Embedded Expo 2012




IPC & Embedded Expo 2012



About the trade show in China:



As the only technology exhibition which concentrate on the IPC and embedded systems in ChinaIPC & Embedded Expo 2012 will

• Collect the latest IPC and embedded systems products and technology;
• Promote the development of IPC industry to open, integrated, standardized direction;
• Show Internet of Things, intelligent power, intelligent traffic, intelligent security, intelligence services, automobile electronics, etc. industries application solutions.



Target professional visitor:
• Industrial control and automation
• Communication and network equipment
• Security monitoring
• Rail transit
• Power electrical
• Automobile electronic
• Public service
• Scientific research institutes and universities
• Others


• IPC: 
Flat industrial computer
Box industrial computer
Frame type industrial computer
Guide rail type industrial computer
Thin client type industrial computer


• Embedded interface card:
Embedded processor
Embedded industrial motherboard
Data acquisition board
I / O interface
All kinds of other function interface card


• Chassis, power supply

• Man-machine interface, industrial display
• Embedded operating system and application software

• Industry solutions
• Others  


Name: Creativity Convention & Exhibition Ltd. (CCEC)
Address: Room 518, No. 72, Electronic Appliance Building, Zhenhua Road, Shenzhen, China
Tel: +86-755-8326 0488 / 8322 4480

Creativity Convention & Exhibition Ltd. (CCEC) devotes itself to facilitate China electronics industry becoming a significant contribution in the world economy development.

As a professional convention & exhibition (C&E) company, CCEC is a General Director of Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Industry Association, & a subordinate company of China Electronic Appliance Corporation (CEAC). As a well known C&E organizer in China, CCEC provides professional services to industrial suppliers & purchasers, deliveries their products information to global relevant groups; helps to bring about comprehensive technical communication, marketing development & purchasing activities through famous fairs, forums, news press meetings, electronics web-fairs, professional magazines & exhibitor CD etc. convention & exhibition networks.

CCEC's completed & colligated solutions have agglomerated 10 years of successful experiences as a C&E service provider in China electronics industry. She will continually provide excellent services and make great efforts to drive Chinese companies expanding to the world.

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