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China Rice Expo 2012 - 2012 China (WuHu)International Rice EXPO


2012 China (WuHu) International Rice EXPO

China Rice Expo 2012 

China Rice Expo 2012

China Rice Expo 2012 - 2012 China (WuHu)International Rice EXPO will take place in Wuhu International Exhibition Center (WIEC) from Dec.8 - 10, 2012.

2012 China (WuHu)International Rice EXPO (China Rice Expo 2012) will take on a larger role and responsibility as a leading rice food marketplace provider. China Rice Expo 2012 will provide a best platform to exchange information on technological developments and between crop management professionals.

China Rice Expo 2012 will include scientific and practical conference that will cover the key issues in the sphere of Rice milling industry. Experts in their respective fields will share their expertise and experiences with delegates paving the way for a lively interaction. The seminar will take a close look at the latest developments in the global and regional rice industry covering a wide range of topics on rice processing, modernization, marketing and technological developments.


The Lastest News about China Rice Expo 2012 (Update Time: Sept.4, 2012) NEW!

Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council FRC Actively

Support Cross-Strait Cooperation Summit of Rice Industry

Recently, the secretary-general Mr. Zeng Shuyun of China International Rice Expo Committee had a deep discussion with the bureau director Mr.Xu Mang of Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council FRC economic department and the secretary-general Mr.Huang Dacong of Taiwan Outstanding Agriculturists Association matters such as Taiwan rice will participate China rice expo in group and 2012 cross-strait cooperation summit of rice industry, during China rice expo, Taiwan rice will build Taiwan pavilion and the communication platform for cross-strait rice industry meanwhile. It will make a significant meaning, both for helping Taiwan rice formers reduce the intermediate link when they sale rice to China mainland directly and cross-strait the rice tech communication. At the same time China International Rice Committee express “we will strongly facilitate and extend Taiwan rice brand to reach no-slot joint between Taiwan farmers and China mainland customers”

bureau director Mr.Xu Mang(from left the fifth one)
secretary-general Mr.Huang Dacong(from left the third one)
secretary-general Mr.Zeng Shuyun (from left the second one)

China Rice Expo 2012


The target visitor group of China Rice Expo 2012 - 2012 China (WuHu)International Rice EXPO will include professionals related to trading company, local government including associations, RPC(rice processing complex), a set of fermented food, services & General Public.


The target exhibitor group of China Rice Expo 2012 - 2012 China (WuHu)International Rice EXPO will include professionals related to Rice, Branded rice, All sorts of rice Rice processed food(soup, cake, noodle, cookie, beverage, etc.), Rice trading company, Electronic appliances related with rice, Rice Processing Complex (RPC), Machinery (Rice-polishing machine, wrapping machine, etc.), Internet Portal Site, Professional Magazine, Fermented food (Rice wine, Vinegar, Sauce & Paste, Pickled fish etc.), Preserving container, Refrigerator, Processing Machine.


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