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The 7th Shanghai Investment Banking Financial Exhibition


The 7th Shanghai Investment Banking Financial Exhibition

The 7th Shanghai Investment Banking Financial Exhibition will be pooled investment finance a project showcase Expo event. Financial institutions for investment tailored to display corporate image, expand the brand to promote financial products and expand market share in the platform. The 7th Shanghai Investment Banking Financial Exhibition will further meet the full range of professional investment and wealth management needs of investors, it will be a comprehensive finance and investment institutions and investors to communicate the deep cooperation between the bridge and link. The last show, the 6th Shanghai Investment Banking Financial Exhibition, the major mainstream media coverage, on-site 30,000 investors, big crowds, strong investment climate talks in China set off an unprecedented wave of investment banking


Services for exhibitors:
1, the Forum Lecture: display of modern finance various investment products, while increasing awareness of the public investment, the dissemination of scientific concept of financial management, public financial management to meet Products and professional financial services. The enterprise and the public finance and investment to achieve a win-win event.
2, the exhibitors registered for the exhibition organizers will be able to directly promote their participation priority project sites.
3, in the exhibition visit the project review and vote on the basis of deliberations, the organizers will select the most popular items, awarded medals
And certificates, and publicity in the media coverage. 


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