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HP FIBERS 2012 - 2012 High Performance Fibers - CF+AF+UHMWPE FIBER


2012 High Performance Fibers - CF+AF+UHMWPE FIBER


The world’s three high-performance fibers carbon fiber(CF), aramid fiber(AF), ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber(UHMWPE)


2012 CF, AF and UHMWPE Exhibition and Forum will be held at Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center (SECEC) from 8th and 10th May 2012.

2012 CF, AF and UHMWPE Exhibition and Forum will focus on high-performance fibers and their composite materials, meet the development trends of “localization” and “industrialization” and mainly display the latest products and technologies of all kinds of CF, AF, UHMWPE and their composite materials at home and overseas. Collecting image, product exhibition, technology exchange and business negotiation for an organic whole, this exhibition will build an one-stop business platform for upstream and downstream industries and will receive more than 7,000 user representatives from key downstream areas. 

As the representative of high-performance fiber composites, the “carbon fiber composite” has become one of the six key major development new materials during the 12th Five-year Plan of China. With the strong support from national policy and the rapidly growing demands of downstream, now China’s high-performance fibers and their composite materials have come to the most critical stage of development, so it is imperative to achieve industrial upgrading to accelerate, break as well as realize the localization and industrialization as soon as possible. 


The target visitor group of HP FIBERS 2012 will include professionals related to industries like

• Aeronautics and Astronautics        
• Automobile Manufacture
• Recreational sport                         
• Building reinforcement         
• Electrical Insulation                      
• Medical Devices          
• Tire skeleton                                 
• Friction Seal                  
• National Defence                          
• Safety Protection                
• Wind Energy                                 
• Rail transportation
• Electric heating                            
• Electric wire                   
• High-strength rope                        
• Others


The target exhibitor group of HP FIBERS 2012 will include professionals related to industries like

• CF and its advanced composites
• AF and its advanced composites
• UHMWPE Fibers and its advanced composites
• Equipment, machinery, auxiliary material and service
• Industrial association, area and zone、research institutions
• Related consulting, training and law firm, logistics and media service company


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