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INFN 2012 - The 2nd Industrial Fabrics & Non-woven Exhibition


The 2nd Industrial Fabrics & Non-woven Exhibition

INFN 2012

The 2nd Industrial Fabrics & Non-woven Exhibition (INFN 2012) will be held at Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center (SECEC) from June 26 to June 28.


INFN CHINA2012 - Chinese International Industrial textile, Non-woven fabrics and Equipments Exhibition”, organized by Chinese Industrial Textile Association, Chinese Non-woven Material Industry Association, Shanghai Pudong Branch of Chinese International Trade Promotion Council and Shanghai Pudong Branch of Chinese International Chamber of Commerce.


INFN Exhibition can provide the best platform of showing enterprise beauty, developing trade partners, enlarging brand popularity, promoting enterprise products, communicating technical movement for domestic or even international famous enterprises and will create new chances of communication, cooperation and development.


Scope of exhibition: 
■Industrial textile, non-woven fabrics and deep processing technique and equipment: melt-blown, spun-laced, pinprick, dry paper making, thermal bonding, chemical bonding, teasing, web formation and pre-treatment of fiber etc; deep processing equipments like women’s sanitary towel, infants and adults diaper, damp tissue, respirator, operating gown, shaping respirator, polymer, chemical fiber, special fiber, cementing substance, foaming material, painting, additive, non-woven fabrics and resin etc; painting, lamination, static electricity exerting (electrets material), static electricity pile coating, mould pressing and packaging.

■Industrial textile and related further processing products: sanitary material for medical use, indoor fitment material, new building and water-proof material, labor protection products, environmental protection material, filtering material, new cold-proof material and garment accessories, agricultural material, car material, package material and painting base cloth, geo-textile, and geo-textile composite material.

■Non-woven and further processing products: geo-textile, cloth for building use, cloth for car, cloth for agriculture, composite base cloth, filtering material, building material, power insulating material, environmental protection products, paper making, blanket, medical and sanitary products, fitment products, shoe material, family products and other multi-functional non-woven fabrics. Spun-bonding, melt-blown, pinprick, spun-laced, thermal bonding, chemical bonding and non-woven fabrics and its products etc

■Raw material and accessories: polymer, chemical fiber (polyester, polypropylene fiber, vinylon, chinlon and mucilage glue fiber etc), special fiber, adhesive substance, foaming material, painting, additive and master-batch.

■ Production equipments, processing design: non-woven cloth production equipments, non-woven fabrics equipments and production line, non-woven bag machine, non-woven printing machine, non-woven film applicator, mask machine, damp tissue machine, coating machine, compounding machine, post-arrangement facility, further processing equipments, accessory equipments and facilities.



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