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ICNA 2012 - The 5th International Infection Control Conference


The 5th International Infection Control Conference

ICNA 2012

ICNA 2012


Hong Kong Infection Control Nurses’ Association (HKICNA) has started to run international infection control conference every 2 years since 2004, the 5th International Infection Control Conference (ICNA 2012) is coming up on 24th to 26th August 2012.


In view of the emerging and re-emerging infections, the world has become more conscious of the importance of infection prevention and control, not only in the hospitals but also in the community. As healthcare workers, there is no shirking the responsibility to learn and keep of the latest news as well as knowledge in this respect.



Name: Hong Kong Infection Control Nurses' Association (HKICNA)
Address: Kowloon City Post Office , P.O. Box No. 89336 Hong Kong
Fax: +852-3152 3944
Official Website: Click to Visit

Established on 30th April 1989, Hong Kong Infection Control Nurses' Association (HKICNA)  is an association of Infection Control Nurses committed to promulgating infection control best practice in health care organizations and the community.

Aims and Objectives of Hong Kong Infection Control Nurses' Association (HKICNA)

1. To promote and enhance the knowledge and skill of and expertise in training and development of infection control.

2. To promote the welfare and protect the interests of nurses engaged in infection control.

3. To provide for the delivery and holding of lectures, classes, conference, exhibitions and public meetings and to publish bulletins for the advancement of infection control.

4. To receive visitors or experts in nursing and infection control and to exchange with them on information and expertise.

5. To send representatives to attend and participate in conferences and other events in training and development in all parts of the world.

6. To grant scholarships and to make donations to any institution or organisation whose objects are similar to those of the association.7. To liase between the association and the receptive authorities, when necessary.

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