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China (Chongqing) Int'l Refractory Materials Technology Application & Ceramics Exhibition 2012


China (Chongqing) Internationl Refractory Materials



Technology Application & Ceramics Exhibition 2012



About the trade fair in China


China (Chongqing) Internationl Refractory Materials Technology Application & Ceramics Exhibition will be held at Chongqing International Convention & Exhibition Center from september 21 to 23, 2012.

It's estimated the total show area will be over 50,000 square meters, and the show will attract more than 35,000 purchaseres, import & export traders, dealers and agents from home and abroad.


China (Chongqing) Internationl Refractory Materials Technology Application & Ceramics Exhibition will be the most influent and most potential refractory material industry exhibition in Asia in 2012.


Exhibit Scope


◆ Refractory materials: fireproofing materials used for the following industries: steel, non-ferrous, glass, cement, chemical; silicon refractory products, silicon of aluminium products, magnesia refractory products, magnesium of aluminium products, magnesium silicon products, calcium magnesium of products, magnesite chrome products, clay refractory products, heat insulation refractories, high aluminum refractory products, refractory wash, castable refractory, refractory products containing carbon, plastic refractory, special refractory products, refractory fibre product, other fire-resistant, temperature control system, heating element, super high temperature technology & product, burner, heat insulation materials etc.

◆ Raw materials: auxiliary materials(binding agent, annexing agent); producing technology & forming equipment & raw materials used for industrial ceramics; electrical equipments, electron detectors & control devices, data processing technology & instrument and meter used for processing refractory materials.

◆ Natural non-metallic minerals: silica, quartz, diatomite, steagillite, clay, alum earth, blue SPAR race mineral raw materials, magnesite, dolomite, imestone, forsterite, serpentine, soap stone, chlorite, zirconite, baddeleyite, pearl stone, Luo iron ore and natural graphite etc; synthetic refractory raw materials: mullite, magnesiaalumina spinel, zircon mullite, cordierite, aluminium titanate and carborundum etc.

◆ Producing technologies & moulding equipments: mining equipment, crusher, pulverizer, mixed refine equipment, drying machinery, agglomerating plant, instruments & meters used for product quality control and testing, reproducing technology & equipment of refractory materials, technology & equipments of industrial furnaces used for nonferrous / steel / heat treatment, technology & device of environmental protection etc.

◆Related technologies & achievements in scientific research of refractory materials, management software, books, new products, new patents and new technologies etc.


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