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CTE 2012 - 2012 Southern China International Car Tuning Expo


2012 Guangzhou International Car Tuning Expo

(Formerly: Southern China International Car Tuning Expo)

CTE 2012

An International & Professional Car Tuning Expo

Car Tuning Expo


2012 Guangzhou China International Car Tuning Expo (CTE 2012) will be held at Poly World Trade Expo Center from December 14 to December 16.

Guangzhou China International Car Tuning Expo (CTE) is an international and professional car modification exhibition. The exhibits are distinctive modified products from around the world including Europe, America, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Mainland China, involving the exterior, interior and performance modification.

The organizing committee of CTE 2011 invited Hong Kong's top drift racer Wing Lo as the host of the Car Tuning Culture Talk Show. The godfather of Japanese top car modification show, Mr. Daijiro Inada was invited to attend the cultural talk show and prize presentation ceremony of the Tuning Cars Contest, and exchange international modification concept.

Since 2010, under the efforts of World Trade Expo Hong Kong Ltd. and Dongguan South Dragon Ltd., the CTE has been successfully held twice in Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Center.  CTE features diversified modified models, abundant concurrent events, extensive propaganda, high degree of social concern and favorable feedback from exhibitors, attracting many spectators and media to visit and report. 

Tuning Cars Contest

The first Tuning Cars Contest was successfully finished at  2011CTE. In response to the strong demand of all exhibitors, we will continue this event. The objective of the contest is to correctly guide the modification culture, ask professionals to evaluate, let more consumers to participate, and can also enhance the professionalism and authority of the exhibition. The vehicles for the contest are from the country and around the world. It is a platform that truly represents China's most professional modification exchange and competition.

The Expo establishes: exterior modification group, interior modification group and performance modification group, and all the vehicles can take part in the most popular award. Exhibitor Brand Award is established specially in order to improve the visibility of exhibits.

Splendidly Reviews

Grande Vittoria Motorsports Limited: Domestic-based motor racing operator, committed to promoting mini racing activities in Hong Kong and the Mainland, establish training systems, and build a platform leading to the professional racing.

Comment: Well done in every aspect; the staff of the Organizing Committee also did very well in following up.

Wald Great China Ltd.: A trading company committed to car modification, currently has the general agent right of famous Japanese car modification brand Wald, JAOS and Fairydesign in Hong Kong, Macao and the Mainland.

Comment: We hope bring a new concept of modification to the fans through the exhibition, so that the cars of fans have own characteristic. We will certainly participate next year.

Valiant Auto Parts Co., Ltd.: Mainly engaged in the retail and wholesale of auto parts, and supply all kinds of German and Swedish auto parts.

Comment: The overall atmosphere is good and more attendees than last year; many brands are from Germany and other countries this year, the scale is larger than last year, and we are very happy to have the opportunity to participate in this exhibition.

TSG Motor Co., Ltd.: Established in Hong Kong in 2009. Becoming the Distributor of BBS (Germany), FUJITSUBO and CARNING in China.

Comment: I feel that it is an excellent show, because the business of different aspects will come together. We feel very satisfied. The exhibition brings together many products, making it a very comprehensive show, so that the shopkeepers and businessmen can communicate together.

Comment: We are glad to cooperate with CTE to promote the culture of car tuning. Our magazine has a history of 10 years. I hope that the CTE will develop together with us to promote the culture of car tuning for 10 years or longer. I hope we can work together to set up the tuning norm, so that the tuning culture will have healthier and more mature development.

Summary of CTE 2011

Exhibitor’s Profile

Exhibition Area: 12,000 m2

No. of Exhibitors: 100

No. of Booth: 350

Total No. of Visitors: 11,653

Professional Buyers + Well-known Modified Cars + Great Attention from the Industry

More than one hundred modified cars displayed in CTE2011. Exhibitors from around the world including Europe, America, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and the special products in mainland China. A large number of professional visitors from Auto 4S shops, auto parts store, and auto city were attracted. Up to 11,653 visitors got involved including hundreds of overseas visitors.


The exhibits of CTE are distinctive modified products from around the world including Europe, America, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Mainland China, involving the exterior, interior and performance modification.


Range of Exhibits

Modification kits and parts: appearance and interior products, instruments; intake and exhaust systems and accessories; lamps and HID modification; electronic systems; tires and wheels; pressurization system and engine modification; suspension; brakes; oil products, etc.

Audio modification: modification feast of car audio of various models and brands


Participation Fee

Raw space: RMB 1,168 per sqm (36 sqm min)

Shell Scheme: RMB 11,664 per 9sqm (9sqm min)


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