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AMB China 2012 - 2012 China Metal Working & Forming Exhibition


2012 China Metal Working & Forming Exhibition

AMB China 2012 

China Metal Working & Forming Exhibition

With strong governmental support, professional trade show organization, outstanding fairground facilities, as well as the impressive accompanying programme, China Metal Working & Forming Exhibition (AMB China) is acting as a bridge connecting people in this growing market.

China Metal Working & Forming Exhibition (AMB China) will be held at Nanjing International Exhibition Center (NJIEC) from October 15 to October 17.


The target exhibitor group of AMB China 2012 - 2012 China Metal Working & Forming Exhibition will include professionals related to industries below:

Exhibits profile
1 Metal cutting machine tools
1.1 Drilling machines & tapping machines
1.2 Boring machines
1.3 Lathes and automatic lathes
1.4 Milling machines
1.5 Thread production machines
1.6 Planing, slotting and broaching machines
1.7 Sawing and cutting-off grinding machines
1.8 Honing, polishing,lapping and deburring machines
1.9 Grinding machines & Super finishing grinding machiners
1. 10 Tool grinding machines
1. 11 Transfer machines,machining units
1. 12 Gear cutting machines
1. 13 Flexible manufacturing cells and systems, machining centres
1. 14 Machining tools for training purposes
1. 15 Second-hand machine tools
1. 16 Parallel kinematic machines
1. 17 Micro machining

2 Physico-chemical process machines
2.1 Spark erosion machines
2.2 Electro-chemical machines
2.3 Other physical-chemical process machines

3 Special purpose machines
3.1 Wire cutting EDM
3.2 Flame cutting machines
3.3 Plasma cutting machines
3.4 Water jet cutting machines
3.5 Laser cutting machines

4 Other machines
4.1 Hardening and heat treatment machines
4.2 Machines and systems for use in surface technology, coating equipment
4.3 Marking systems and engraving machines

5 Metal forming machines and components
5.1 Sheet metal cutting machines and machining center
5.2 Shearing machines for sheet, plate and profile
5.3 Sheet, plate and tube spinning machines
5.4 Bar/tube bending and forming machines
5.5 Straightening machines & wire forming machines
5.6 Transfer press / Nibbling machines
5.7 Presses
5.8 Welding technology and equipment
5.9 Components for sheet metalworking machines
5.10 Flexible sheet metal working technology
5.11 Sheet metal / metal cleaning
5.12 Cold heading machine
5.13 Forging machine

6 Precision tools
6.1 Machining tools
6.2 Abrasive tools and products
6.3 Tooling devices
6.4 Tooling systems
6.5 Tool presetters and tool balancing
6.6 Chucking devices

7 Other manufacturing technology and equipment
7.1 Bearing manufacturing technology and equipment
7.2 Gear generating technology and equipment
7.3 Mould processing technology and equipment

8 Joining and fastening technology
8.1 Installations and equipment
8.2 Filler materials
8.3 Consumables

9 Measuring systems and quality assurance
9.1 Measuring tools
9.2 Gauges, meters
9.3 Testing machines
9.4 Coordinate measuring machines
9.5 Data acquisition and process
9.6 Other inspection measuring and gagging equipment

10 Automation and motion
10.1 Industrial robots
10.2 Handling of workpieces and tools
10.3 Flexible manufacturing technology and equipment
10.4 Frequency conversion and timing, sensors and motors
10.5 Mechanical, hydraulic and pneumonic driven devices
10.6 Control and drive systems, numerical control systems, digital readout units, machine tool apparatus

11 Software, computer systems and peripherals
11.1 Engineering software & system
11.2 Virtual product development & simulation
11.3 Data management systems
11.4 Company software
11.5 Manufacturing software
11.6 Machining software
11.7 Hardware, peripherals
11.8 Rapid prototyping manufacturing (RPM)
11.9 CAD/CAM

12 Parts, components and accessories
12.1 Lubrication and cooling
12.2 Accessories
12.3 Safety and environmental engineering
12.4 Waste disposal
12.5 Mechanical components
12.6 Hydraulic and pneumatic components
12.7 Electric and electronic equipment for machine tools
12.8 Factory and warehouse equipment

13 Services, organizations, publishers
13.1 Services
13.2 Organizations
13.3 Publishers


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