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The 2nd Annual China Theme Park & Resort Expansion Summit 2012


The 2nd Annual China Theme Park & Resort Expansion Summit 2012





The 2nd Annual China Theme Park & Resort Expansion Summit 2012



About the trade event in China



The 2nd Annual China Theme Park & Resort Expansion Summit will assemble a congregation of high level professionals all of whom represent government departments, industry associations, real estate developers, theme park operators and entertainment facility suppliers from all over the world. Fundamental topics to be discussed include China’s latest industrial policies, major theme park projects progress, and global theme park management strategies. Furthermore the opportunity of liaising with domestic and overseas advanced solution providers, meeting new clients and forming partnerships.


Welcome to The 2nd Annual China Theme Park & Resort Expansion Summit!


The 2nd Annual China Theme Park & Resort Expansion Summit




 Overseas Chinese Town (OCT)

 Shenzhen Huaqiang Holdings Limited

 Chengdu Zhixin Group

 Zhejiang Yinrun Tourism Development Company

 Huayi Brothers

 Zunyi Window of the Long March Culture Industry Company Limited

 Hainan Aerospace Investment Management Company Limited

 Suzhou New District Economic Development Group

 Chimelong Group

 Yihe Real Estate Co., Ltd

 R&F Properties Co., Ltd

 Zhonghong Real Estate Co.,Ltd

 Zhigao Group

 Dalian Wanda Group Corportation Ltd

 Long Run Investment Group

 Haichang Group

 Worldland Group

 Longcheng Group

 China Resources (Holdings) Co., Ltd

 Jinling Happy World Culture & Technology Co., Ltd

 Shandong Luxin Investment Grouo Co Ltd

 Shaanxi Culture Industry Investment Holdings Group

 Chengdu Culture & Tourism Development Group

 Chongqing Traffic and Tourism Investment Group

 Tianjin Taida Construction Group

 Chengdu Teda Sino-Euro Construction Co., Ltd

 Exhibition Travel Group

 Jotun Tourism Development Ltd

Jiangxi Changyun Group





  •  Happy Valley
  •  Window of the World
  •  Splendid China
  •  China Folk Culture Villages
  •  Fangte Joy World
  •  Fantawild Adventure
  •  Chengdu Floraland
  •  Suzhou Huayi Brothers Theme Park
  •  Chimelong Paradise
  •  Dalian Discoveryland Theme Park
  •  Changzhou Universal Dinosaur Town
  •  Xinjiang Avanti Paradise
  •  Fuli Lingshui Ocean Theme Park
  •  Beijing Monkey King Theme Park
  •  Universal Studios Beijing
  •  Xinglong Cultural Park
  •  Jinling Happy World
  •  Huainan Zhigao Amination Culture & Technology Development Co., Ltd
  •  Long Run Investment Group
  •  Chengdu Haichang Polar Ocean World Co., Ltd
  •  Wuhan Polar Ocean World Co., Ltd
  •  Dalian Golden Pebble Development Co Ltd
  •  Hangzhou Songcheng Ltd
  •  World Joyland. Jiangsu Group
  •  Ningbo HarborLand Park Management Co.,Ltd
  •  Suzhou Amusement Land Co., Ltd



  • Projects & Investment

    Tangshan Oriental Dragon Paradise

    20 billion RMB

    Chengdu "The Smurfs" Theme Park

    20 billion RMB

    Anhui Jurassic Theme Park

    20 billion RMB

    Xi'an Imperial Tomb Exploration Theme Park

    10 billion RMB

    Xinjiang Avanti Paradise

    10 billion RMB

    Panjing Zhigao Animation Industrial Park

    10 billion RMB

    Universal Studios Beijing

    10 billion RMB

    Chimelong International Ocean Resort

    10 billion RMB

    Beijing Monkey King Theme Park

    10 billion RMB

    Theme Park Project of Fuzhou Langqi International Tourist Resort

    8 billion RMB

    Theme Park Project of Dalian Jinshi International Tourist Resort

    8 billion RMB

    Qingdao "Legend of Sea" Project

    7 billion RMB

    Fuli Lingshui Ocean Theme Park

    6.5 billion RMB

    Xuzhou Amusement Land

    6 billion RMB

    Hainan Wenchang Aerospace Theme Park

    6 billion RMB

    Haikou Matsu Theme Park

    6 billion RMB

    Sanya Begonia Bay Fantasy Entertainment Town

    5.2 billion RMB

    Xi'an Huaqiang Culture-Tech Park

    5 billion RMB

    Oriental Salt Lake Town

    5 billion RMB

    Happy Valley (Wuhan)

    4.5 billion RMB

    East Beach Water World

    4.2 billion RMB

    Universal Dinosaur Town Expansion

    4 billion RMB

    Xinglong Cultural Park

    3.5 billion RMB

    Suzhou Huayi Brothers Theme Park

    3 billion RMB

    Theme Park Project of Xishuangbanna International Tourist Resort

    2.5 billion RMB

    Xi'an Silk Road Theme Park

    1.8 billion RMB

    Zhejiang Hello Kitty Theme Park

    1.3 billion RMB

    Jinling Happy World

    1.25 billion RMB

    Quanzhou Grand View Garden of Chinese Kongfu

    1 billion RMB

    Window of the Lang March

    0.3 billion RMB



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