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TIGIS 2011 Taiwan Int'l Green Industry Show - Energy, Environment, & Water Technology


Four days of hope came with TiGiS (the Taiwan Int'l Green Industry Show) that bridged a growing force to tend to global concerns about the environment.

This event at the TWTC (Taiwan World Trade Center Exhibition Hall) will prove a key moment that joined the international green community that turned up in record numbers for incredible prospects. This second edition of TiGiS let 180 companies use 321 booths — a 20% growth in exhibitors and 19% increase in scale.

The exhibition brought into sharp focus the growing market for clean energy, green environment, and water technology. Besides exhibiting alternative energy related and eco-friendly products, it also presented seminars led by international speakers who shared their experience in exploring the business opportunities in the industry.

In total, TiGiS attracted 6,402 professional buyers who came from 53 different counties who generated a projected US$28 million in business. Important buyers include trade missions from China, the Province of Ontario (Canada), Energa Obrot, an affiliate under the Energa umbrella (Poland's top power supplier), and other big names such as KEPCO (Korea), SCHOTT SOLAR (Germany), Current Service, Tomoe Shokai (Japan), Senoz, Q-CELLS(Turkey), and Dalle Energy(Indonesia).

Joining a full menu of green products

It was hard to simply stroll through this venue without being captivated by the many eye-catching green tech displays that covered every area from industrial to household use. This is where buyers came to get the fullest selection of top-of-the-line small- and medium-sized wind turbines.

Taiwan boasts rich wind resources; in fact the island's west coast has the third largest wind resources in the world. Among other stars was the DS-series, by Hi-VAWT, a vertical axis wind turbine which targets urban households with its low-noise and miniature-size. Great prospects since it has passed many tests and offers even better performance than its Japanese and British counterparts.

There was also a super innovative hot water dispenser launched by Paten Wireless Technology Inc that was designed and manufactured in Taiwan and holds a worldwide patent. Most hot water dispensers need to be plugged in 24-7 keep the water hot, but this dispenser saves energy by heating water just before it is dispensed. That means electricity is only used only when hot water is needed. Better yet, users can get hot water as soon as they turn on the tap.

Meanwhile China Steel has developed a high strength steel that cuts the weight of a car by 10% to save 6%-8% in fuel consumption. And its subsidiary, China Steel Chemical Corp. is now applying a process that transfers asphalt into MGP (Mesophase Graphite Powder), an electrode material for Li-ion batteries that multiplied the value (from asphalt to MGP) by 60 times.

As the number one brand in the Taiwan power equipment industry, Chung-Hsin Electric and Machinery Manufacturing Corp. has clearly demonstrated its ability to move from OEM to OBM with its display fuel cell and smart grid products.

The vast selection displays at TiGiS mirrored the diverse interest base of the visitors. But the bulk of Taiwan products reflected the hi tech and state-of-the-art industry. Taiwan ranks sixth out of 58 nations worldwide in terms of green tech capability, according to a recent survey conducted by the Swiss Institute for Management Development.

"It is our second time to take part in the show and we were certainly happy about it," said Kenny Chen, Marketing Division General Manager of Chung-Hsin Electric & Machinery Corp, as major exhibitor. "TiGiS gives us a great platform to reach international buyers and we expect influx of orders after the show."

More praise came from international buyers. "I've found some electric scooter suppliers in the show," said Matthias Glatzer from Germany. "These products are very competitive and are of high market potential as the demand for electric vehicles is rising across Europe."

"I found that Taiwan companies are very strong in particular components within the system," stated Sune Kjelden, Director of Trade Commission of Denmark. "There are many excellent components for wind power, smart grids and solar energy."

TiGiS just came just in time to sync with the PRC's plan (which includes China's 12th Five-Year Plan) to spend 5000 billion yuan over next decade on solar energy, smart grids, green building development. That includes a total US$1 million in on-site transactions that was made during 21 match-making meetings that were held for the Guangzhou Environmental Trade Mission.

Other buyers from Association of Economy and Trade across the Taiwan Straits, Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai, Nanjing Water Agency were also at the show to check out business opportunities.

Meanwhile the Conference of the Electric Power Supply Industry (CEPSI 2010) was held in conjunction with PV Taiwan to highlight photovoltaic products. The three aggregate shows jointly hosted a total 1177 booths which blanketed nearly 2,3450 sq. meters at the TWTC Exhibition Hall in Taipei.

Be certain to join the third edition of TiGiS which takes place at the TWTC next Oct. 25 to 28, 2011. The spotlight theme at next autumn's endeavor will be the green environment and will run in conjunction with the Taiwan International Green Building Show andGreen Living Show.

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