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SIMM 2013 - Shenzhen International Metal Processing Industry Exhibition 2013



Shenzhen International Metal Processing Industry Exhibition 2013

SIMM 2013


Acting as one topic trade show of the 14th Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition 2013Shenzhen International Metal Processing Industry Exhibition 2013 (SIMM 2013) will take place at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center (SZCEC) on Mar. 28 - 31, 2013.


Exhibit Highlights of Shenzhen International Metal Processing Industry Exhibition 2013 (SIMM 2013)

- Influence of Shenzhen
   After 30 years of rapid development, Shenzhen has become a core region for "made-in-China" for the world.
   Shenzhen borders on Hong Kong and is connected to land, it has the largest number of ports  and is the only city with sea, land and air ports, which give expatriates who work in Hong Kong easy access to Shenzhen.
  Shenzhen has complete supply chain for machinery and processing, and has tremendous market potential. (75% of the exhibitors takes part in the Exhibition every year, which shows taht Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition is well recognized by the market and industry.)
   The concentration of complete industry chain attracts purchasers from all over China and overseas buying representatives to be stationed in Shenzhen, which in return brings many business opportunities.
   Right after the Exhibition, the world-renowned Canton Fair (Spring) will be held. A great number of foreigner buyers view Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition as one of their observation, purchase and business activities in Spring.


-  Supreme and convenient transportation
   Shenzhen Airport is the only modern international airport in China that has realized sea, land and air multi-modal transport, and it's also one the most important airports in South China.
   The fast growth of high-speed trains and intercity trains provides a golden route for inter-industry cooperation long the train tracks. It takes only 4 hours to travel from Shenzhen to Wuhan by train. The business activities in Shenzhen also benefit Central China.
  There are five operational subway lines, which connect the airport, train stations, ports, major industrial areas and the Convention & Exhibition Center.

- Strong Database of Buyers
   With accumulation of visitors over 12 years, the Exhibition can build the biggest machinery selling market in South China, which will definitely bring pleasant surprises.


- Shenzhen Machinery Industry Annual Conference and events.
   The organizer of the Exhibition is Shenzhen Machinery Industry Association, which has about one thousand members. Many members took an active part in the organization, planning and implementation of the Exhibition. Their efforts resulted in popular events and activities for members, exhibitors and visitors.

-  Members, exhibitors, and organizer join hands in publicity and promotion.
  From the first session, promotional advertising was put up for exhibitors and Association members. The advertising efforts cover major industrial areas in the Pearl River Delta. After 13 years, the influence and effect of the Exhibition has been sufficiently proofed.
   The official links of members and exhibitors and the Exhibition enable mature visitors to gain a deeper understanding of enterprises.


- A must-join exhibition for the top 20 global machinery brands

- 60 technical exchange seminars, covering industry hot is sues and attracting experts and scholars from all over the world. 


Exhibits Scope of the 14th Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition 2013
A 【 Metal Cutting Machinery】
Sewing, milling,boring,drilling,grinding, sawing, thrusting,pulling,planner, processing centers (horizontal, vertical,planner) etc.
B 【Forming Machinery】
Bending,stamping,cutting, punching and shearing, elbows,coil straitening machines, wires and coils (preform), transmission equipments, etc
C 【Specialized Processing Machinery and Special-purpose Equipments】
Electric sparks (forming, cutting and micropore processing), electrolysis, laser cutting, carving machines, engraving and milling machines, etc
D 【 Manufacturing Units/Systems and Automation】
Flexible processing units/systems, automated cutlery exchange/cutlery warehouse, transmission equipments, industrial robots/robotic hands etc
E 【Machinery Parts and auxiliary parts】  
The main shafts,leading screws,straight-line rails/electric motors, gears/pulley,dividing heads,pneumatic/hydraulic parts,lubricant cooling systems, etc
F 【Digital Control Systems, Digital Display Devices and Machinery Electric Appliances】
Digital control systems, private server drive devices, electric machinery, server electric machinery,main shaft electric machinery, location detection systems (optical grid,magnetic grid, ball grid) etc
G 【Testing and Measurement Equipments】
Micrometers,gauge blocks/plug gauges/ring gauges,slabs/chips,surface roughness gauges, laser interferometers, coordinate measuring instruments 


Name: SZMA - Shenzhen Machinery Association
Address: RM 1218, F12, Building A, Xinian Center, No., 6021, Shennan Avenue, Futian District, Shenzhen
Tel: +86-755-8345 8818 EXT 20
Fax: +86-755-8345 8918
Official Website: Click to Visit

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