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International Wind Energy Exhibition & Conference


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China Wind Energy Exhibition (CWEE) jointly organized by the Chinese Wind Energy Equipment Association, Wind & Tidal Power Special Committee of Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering and World Wind Energy Association as well as Shanghai Deray Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd., will be held regularly in April every year in Shanghai. Taking Cooperation, Win-win, Practicality, Innovation as philosophy of running exhibition,

We spent almost four years accumulating experience and cultivating our brand, through our unremitting efforts, CWEE has become increasingly famous and influential in the industry for its pragmatism, efficiency and potential, the other is that the exhibition itself is becoming more and more mature and fruitful. 

Therefore, it has been regarded by many professionals as the best platform for demonstrating the corporate brand, expanding trade channels, seeking opportunities for cooperation, and grasping market trends.


The Trade Show's Visitors may include---
Investor, wind farm's owner, wind turbine's manufacturer, research and development institution, government organization, industry association, Education institution, construction organization, consulting organization and so on.


The Trade Show's Exhibitors may include---
Wind turbine's manufacturer, wind tower's manufacturer, wind blade's manufacturer, wind generator's manufacturer, wind transformer's manufacturer, lubricant manufacturer, wind farm's owner, electricity company and so on.


Name: Shanghai Deray Exhibition Planning Co. Limited
Address: Room 926/927, Building 1, No. 100, Jinyu Road, Pudong, Shanghai, China
Tel: +86-21-5197 8780/5197 8781
Fax: +86-21-5197 8788
Official Website: Click to Visit

Shanghai Deray Exhibition Planning Co., Limited is established in 2005, Is one take the modern service industry as the development center of gravity and the direction of management Private enterprise. Deray Expo Has been maintaining healthy, stable, the fast development. Now Deray Extends in the display conference core business foundation to the publication, Booth design and making, Electronic commerce and so on, Provides for the customer promotion brand image and the foundation marketing channel, the system, to have the value completely commercial platform.

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