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Shanghai International Heavy-duty Vehicles, Trucks and Auto Parts Exhibition 2013


Shanghai International Heavy-duty Vehicles, Trucks and Auto Parts Exhibition 2013


Shanghai International Heavy-duty Vehicles, Trucks and Auto Parts Exhibition 2013 will be grandly held at Shanghai World Expo Convention and Exhibition Center from May 27 - 29, 2013. It is an important meeting convened to implement the requirements for the automotive industry in the “12th Five-Year Plan” and promote the development and control system of the commercial vehicle industry.

Shanghai International Heavy-duty Vehicles, Trucks and Auto Parts Exhibition 2013 is strongly supported by the Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China, National Auto Parts Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, German VDMA, Hong Kong International Trade Promotion Association and Hong Kong International Purchase Association, sponsored by the CHTCMPU, Japan Imported Heavy-duty Diesel Vehicle Accessories Federation and Logistics Association of China, and organized by the China Auto Parts Supplies Industry Federation, Japan Auto Parts Association, American Society of Mechanical Power Industry, German Association of Machinery Manufacturing, Professional Committee of Dangerous Goods Transportation of the CIN, Tianjin Dangerous Goods Circulation Association, Shanghai Yachi Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Symphony World Exhibition Service Ltd.

Shanghai International Heavy-duty Vehicles, Trucks and Auto Parts Exhibition 2013 will provide a high-quality platform for product exhibition, product renewal, technical exchanges, trade negotiations and brand publicity, as well as a broad arena of information dissemination, technical exchanges and business negotiations for exhibitors to establish their brand image, enhance the extensive exchanges and cooperation with other enterprises and improve their competitiveness on the international market.

Exhibition schedule and venue
Check-in and booth installation: May 25 - 26, 2013 (8:30-17:00)
Exhibition and transaction: May 27 - 29, 2013

Technical Seminar 
During the exhibition, the sponsors will organize several technical seminars to carry out product and technical exchanges, and all exhibitors can apply for hosting a seminar, and the seminar topics shall be self-determined and submitted to the organizing committee together with the participation registration form, so that the seminar venue and facilities can be arranged and professional audience can be organized early.

The duration of each technical seminar is limited to 2 hours, and the fee for hosting a seminar is RMB 9,800 for domestic companies and USD 2,000 for foreign companies (including seminar venue, acoustics and drinking water), and other equipment shall be self-prepared.


Exhibition scope
Exhibition area for commercial vehicles: Various heavy-duty truck series, medium-duty truck series, light and mini truck series, truck series, various trailer series, pump truck, refrigerated vehicle series, passenger vehicle series, buses, motor homes, cargo vehicles, platform trucks, trucks with loading crane, storage-stake trucks, transport vehicles, postal trucks, container trucks, mining trucks, engineering vehicle series, crane trucks, large trailers, multifunction maintenance vehicles, snow removal vehicles, high-altitude operation truck cranes, cement mixers, fire engines, tankers, chemical trucks, material transport vehicles, liquefied gas-powered vehicles, tanker vehicles, fuel trucks, sanitation trucks, tractors, special vehicles for construction site, modified vehicle series, special military and police vehicles, bulletproof cars, TV relaying vehicles, urban logistics vehicles, special vehicles for inflammables and explosives, etc.; rear dump trucks, side dump trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks, sewage suction trucks, sprinkler trucks, high pressure cleaning trucks, fecal suction trucks, sweepers, municipal engineering vehicles, wreckers, water tankers, natural gas-powered vehicles and other commercial vehicles;
▼Exhibition area for accessories and supplies: Engines, electrical and electronic systems, car dashboards, gearboxes, axles and chassis, seats, chassis, gearboxes, drive and braking systems, cabs, transmission gears, ABS and safety devices; vehicle lights, air conditioning, steering boosters, truck carriages and containers, loading and unloading platforms, various hydraulic parts, seal components, truck modifications, interior trims, accessories, fuel additives, steel and other raw materials for manufacturing; tailboards and loading and unloading platforms, ABS and airbags, truck modification technologies and equipment, logistics transport systems, GPS systems and scheduling systems; various automobile manufacturing equipment; new technologies and new materials in automotive industry; new energy technologies and products in automotive industry; environmental technologies and products in automotive industry,
▼Exhibition area for tyres: Radial tyres, bias tyres, tubeless tyres, rubber inner tubes, rubber solid or semi-pneumatic tyres, pneumatic tyres; rims, wheel hubs, tyre accessories, etc.;
▼Exhibition area for auto maintenance and testing supplies: Auto maintenance equipment, special repair tools, equipment for paint spraying and baking, lifting, body repair and calibration, technologies for welding, sheet metal processing and tyre repair; auto detection and diagnosis equipment, testing lines; automotive service supplies, car washing equipment, large car washers, cleaning fluids; auto parts and their production equipment, new products and new technology patents, etc;
Exhibition area for lubricants and auto maintenance supplies: Various lubricating oils (gear oil, transmission oil, cooling oil, etc.), oil additives, fuel-efficient products and  relevant maintenance products, auto care products, auto trims, film protectors, audios, anti-burglary supplies, auto interior and exterior trims, automotive environmental, anti-burglary and automotive communications products and technologies.

Exhibition Fees
◆Fee for standard booth (min. 9m2):
Domestic companies: RMB 13800/9m2, booth with two sides open: RMB 16560/9m2;
Joint ventures: RMB 18000/9m2, booth with two sides open: RMB 21600/9m2;
Foreign companies: USD 4200/9m2, booth with two sides open: USD 50400/9m2;
Configuration of 9m2 standard booth (for a booth more than or less than 9m2 in area, the following facilities will not be separately confgiured): Wallboads, carpet, one information counter, two chairs, fascia board, one 220V single phase socket and value-added promotion servics.
◆ Fee for raw space (min. 36m2): Indoor exhibition area: RMB 1380/m2; outdoor exhibition area: RMB 1100/m2
Configuration: Exhibition space. The booth installation fee, raw space management fee, elecricity fee and other fees will be paid by the exhibitors.

Additional benefits for exhibitors
1. Benefits for raw space: To encourage exhibitors to carry their actual products to participate in the exhibition, the Organizing Committee gives the following benefits: For an area of over 500 m2, the exhibitor will enjoy a 40% discount (indoor space) and a 50% discount (outdoor space); for an area of over 300 m2, the exhibitor will enjoy a 30% discount (indoor space) and a 40% discount (outdoor space).
2. Complimentary advertisement: The customers who select a booth and pay the booth fee prior to October 1, will get a one-page advertisement worth RMB 6000 in the exhibition publication free of charge (color printing, page size: 142mm (W) × 210mm (H) with a resolution of 300).
3. Advertisement in exhibition publication: Our exhibition publication will help you find customers after the exhibition! It will be widely distributed to visitors during the exhibition as well as the professionals who didn’t come to our exhibition through various channels, so that they can make use of the exhibition publication to quickly find the contact ways and your services.
● Front Cover RMB 30000                        ●Back Cover RMB 23000
● Inside Front Cover RMB 10000            ●Inside First Page RMB 8000
● Inside Back Cover RMB 8000               ●Inside Color Page RMB 6000
●Black & White Page RMB 3000              ● Company Profile RMB 1500
● Visitor ticket: RMB 6000/10000pcs         ● Visitor badge: RMB 8000/10000pcs
● Visitor badge lanyard: RMB 20000/10000pcs  ● Inflated arch: RMB 5000/day
● Air balloon banner: RMB 3000/day         ● Material bag: RMB 25000/10000pcs


Name: Shanghai Symphony World Exhibition Services Ltd.
Address: Block E, 5/F, Shenxin Business Building, No. 2888, Jiuxin Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai
Tel: +86-21-3125 2020
Fax: +86-21-6129 4859

Shanghai Symphony World Exhibition Services Ltd. is a organization, planning, hosting various kinds of large-scale international exhibitions, shows, fairs, trade fairs, academic exchanges and other activities of the Professional Company. The company has engaged in a number of exhibition for many years, professional talents, rich practical experience in the exhibition. The company has a broad and stable customer network and data information, and the relevant government departments, major domestic and international professional associations, industry organizations and the media have good relations of cooperation, is committed to provide accurate and high-quality all kinds of commercial trade information consulting services.

Companies adhering to the "do a brand exhibition, professional development " purposes, to strengthen domestic and international technology exchange, promote the business development mission, the spirit of " integrity, pragmatic, high-quality, high-efficiency " of the spirit,adhere to the " service first, customer first " business philosophy, advocated the exhibition should be based on brand creation as the goal, to professional buyers invite, publicity as the main work, based on the success of customers, focus on customer needs, dedicated to provide customers with warm, sincere, meticulous, thoughtful service.

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