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OPI (Shanghai) 2013 - Overseas Property & Investment Fair (Shanghai) 2013


Overseas Property & Investment Fair (Shanghai) 2013

OPI (Shanghai) 2013

Overseas Property & Investment Fair (Shanghai) 2013 (OPI (Shanghai) 2013)an overseas property and immigration communication platform, will take place at Shanghai International Convention Center (SICEC) on Mar. 1-3, 2013. More than 100 enterprises will participate OPI (Shanghai) 2013, it certainly will be the largest, most influential exposition in the east China.

In recent years, a large number of Chinese rich elite emigrate to overseas. Related sources, over 2,700,000,000 USD flows out in nearly 3 years. The purchase of capital flow to overseas has become a trend. The domestic real estate market is limited to purchase and other factors, also make people with cash in hand begin to look overseas real estate market. 

According to previously published reports, mainland buyers in Vancouver, Toronto, London and Singapore four market share 20%~40% of local foreign investors proportion. With more countries to open the sale of housing for non-permanent resident population, Chinese will become the world's largest property buyers. 

Professional Advantage of Overseas Property & Investment Fair (Shanghai) 2013 (OPI (Shanghai) 2013): compare with the other Real Estate exhibitions, Our target is clear. Audience to come is not to solve the housing demand, economic level has long beyond the basic needs in favor of the investment and resort enjoy. 

Venue Advantage: LuJiaZui CBD center, the top location, elite buyers.
Database Advantage: We have a large number of elite database, which have already established elite club.


Our Advantage: Precision Marketing: Our target audiences are the people who have interests in immigration. The most of our show audiences are private enterprise owner and executives.


Overseas Real Estate Developers;
Overseas Study & Training Institutions Immigration Projects;
Immigration Serviced Agencies;
Law Firms Banks and Financial Institutions;
International Investment and Consultation Institutions;
Fractional property owners 


Name: Shanghai Formote Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Address: A111, Building1, No.185, Jiaoji Rd, Shanghai, China
Tel: +86-21-5651 9765
Fax: +86-21-6173 5765
Official Website: Click to Visit

We, Shanghai Formote Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd, as the only professional and leading organizer in overseas property & immigration & investment, has enjoyed the most magnificent reputation.

Distinguishing from the disorder and imperfection over the current market, the fair we organize, OPI (Shanghai) - Overseas Property & Immigration & Investment Exhibition Shanghai, is such an expert fair that our visitors coming are of high quality.

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